Spearfishing Wetsuit

A spearfishing wetsuit does differ to a regular wetsuit in many respects.  Firstly, you need to think about warmth.  That is always the first question you need to ask yourself when purchasing a wetsuit.  How thick will your wetsuit need to be?  The thicker the wetsuit though the more buoyant you will become, which I will explain later on.  Protection is also another reason you need to consider buying a spearfishing wetsuit.  The sun is always a factor even on cold and cloudy days the UV rating can still be high so you will want coverage from the sun but also from jellyfish or other hazardous creatures of the sea.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Spearfishing Wetsuit

Throughout this article I will talk about the best wetsuits for spearfishing and going over some of the top rated Cressi wetsuits and others that will be suited best for you! 

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Cressi Demon Mimetic Rash Gaurd


Neosport Full body sports skin suit




What To Look For When Buying a Spearfishing Wetsuit

There are quite a few things to look for when buying a spearfishing wetsuit.  As mentioned the biggest thought that needs to cross your mind is what temperature the water is going to be when you are actually in the water.  The first 2 wetsuits aren't technically wetsuits, they are rash guards.  A rash guard is great for warm water spearfishing.  It acts like an extra layer of skin that protects against the sun.  It is a great way to get sorted out quick so that you do not have to put sun tan lotion on and if you are by yourself it makes life much easier!  This is a quick alternative to to a full wetsuit and you can even get a full body one as well, not just a top.  They come in all kinds of styles such as clothes, sleeveless, T-shirt, Long sleeve, Pants and then of course you can always go speedo style as well if that is all you are looking for!

Thickness of Spearfishing wetsuit

As mentioned above spearfishing wetsuits start off as rash guards and then move up from there.  

If the water temperature is above 87 degrees that is what you will need and that's it or there is a chance you could over heat which you do NOT want.

From 78 - 86 degrees you will want to look at a 2 mm/ 3 mm/ 3/2 mm.  That is a thin layer enough to keep you warm and once you get moving you will warm up quick.  When you see two numbers like 3/2 that means the 3 mm is the core which is the torso and then the 2 is for your extremities like your arms and legs. 

From 67 to 77 degrees you will want to look at something around a 5 mm wetsuit.  

From 53 to 66 degrees you will be around a 7 mm or a 7/5 mm wetsuit.  Once you get into a 7 mm wetsuit you are likely in some very cold waters and with a 7 mm wetsuit you will be restricted from some movement but you will be much, much warmer.

Anything colder than 52 degrees you will want a dry suit!  Now if you are in a dry suit you will most likely be diving unless you have a neoprene dry suit which is more like a full thick wetsuit anyways.  

This should be the first thing to consider when buying a spearfishing wetsuit so now we can get onto the rest of the material and specifications.

Material of Spearfishing Wetsuit

NEOPRENE will be your best friend when it comes to wetsuits.  Neoprene is synthetic rubber that has great flexibility or mobility for your movement when you are spearfishing so that you are still agile enough to move around and get that catch!

Nylon, spandex or neoprene are also some of the other consistencies that will be made into different wetsuits.  But also those 3 products are also consistencies of rash guards.  If you are allergic to any products double check to make sure you don't get a rash.

How they are made

Rash Guards are sewn together just like any other article of clothing with single or double stitching to extra durability and strength.  Once we get into the actual wetsuits what happens is the manufacturer will glue the neoprene together and then stitch the fabric together after so that it does not let in water and it hold together with strength.  In some cases the wetsuit can be double stitched for extra durability but it will cost a little more, but of course you get what you pay for.

There are other differences that can be applied to stitching is a tape can be glued over top of the stitching for an extra seal and can be a little more comfortable as well.

Last but not least is that they have what is called a super seal in which they actually use rubber to sew the material together for added waterproofing protection and is guaranteed not to leek.  

Cressi Wetsuit Review

Cressi is one of the most trusted brands in wetsuits of all time.  It started out in Italy from brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi making the first mas and spearfishing guns in 1938.  By 1943 they have a full catalog ready for the world.  They have been making history ever since.

Cressi Wetsuits  are all hand crated and durable.  I have trusted them and they work!  Below is our featured wetsuit, the Cressi Apnea Wetsuit and it is a winner!

Cressi Apnea Wetsuit Review

The Cressi Apnea Wetsuit is a fantastic deal for price and quality that will last not only for spearfishing but also great for any other water sports you may encounter even if they are surfing and windsurfing where you get a little rough with the suit!  

My favorite part of the wetsuit is that it is a two piece.  Lets start with the bottoms, they come above the naval and have a comfortable fit that keeps you warm.  The upper half is a full length that hooks in between the legs and buttons up.  It doesn't make you uncomfortable and that is usually the first thought the crosses my mind when you are hooking something in between your legs... You can wear this as a 2 piece or wear them individually depending on the temperature.

The suit comes in 3, 5, and 7/5 mm so you can keep warm where ever you are.  There is a loading/reloading chestplate and thicker kneepads for extra protection so they won't wear out fast like other wetsuits.  It comes with a hood just in case you get cold 

Top Spearfishing Products

Cressi Men's Short Wetsuit


Cressi Men's shorty is 1.8 mm and is a great spearfishing wetsuit for tropical waters.  It will protect you against abrasions and anything else that the sea might throw at you!  Having just an extra layer will keep you warm when you head below the sea surface but it is not thick enough to keep you floating on top. 

It is made of high stretch neoprene and has a 2 year warranty.  Make sure you that you rinse the wetsuit off in fresh water after the ocean to keep it looking good as new and never leave it in direct sunlight. 

Cressi Tecnica 


Cressi Tecnica offers four different thicknesses: 1.8 mm, 3.5 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm.  This is very much like the Apnea Spearfishing wetsuit with a couple more options which is why it does cost a little more.  It is made of Neoprene Ultraspan which allows for a little more range of motion when you are in the water and ventilation to keep you comfortable.

It is a jacket and pants so there are 2 articles that come with this entire wetsuit. There are nylon patches in the upper part of the jacket, cap and calfskin for protection and durability.  The interior is coated with black Metallite that makes it easier to put on and off.  It fits true to ordering and comes in a camouflage color to give your normal black wetsuit some style. 

Neosport full body skin suit


Neosport full body skin suit is a great alternative to spearfishing in warm tropical environments.  If the UV rays are to high and you just need to be protected this is the suit for you.  It is made of lycra spandex and provides UV protection and defends against insects and other annoyances that could potentially be harmful.  

Not only is it good in the water but great for on land and you will only be as hot as it is outside, it won't warm you up even more than it already is.  It is fast drying and there are foot stirrups so the legs won't ride up!  You can even use it along with a full wetsuit and it will make it easier to get into wetsuits because of the fabric!

O'Neill 3/2 Reactor full Wetsuit


O'Neill 3/2 reactor wetsuit is great for all activities not just spearfishing so it is a multipurpose wetsuit.  It has 3 mm throughout the core and 2 mm on the extremities that will work in spring and fall and those cool summer nights.  It has a single Superseal neck which means there is extra protection against water coming into the neck hole and cooling you off.  It is flatloc construction with a back zipper.  

What is really cool about this spearfishing wetsuit is that there is a hidden key pocket so you can keep your car or house keys on you at all times!  There is no need to put your keys under your tire wheel well on the tire and hoping no one steels your car.  You can keep everything safe and not have to keep looking back to see if your car is still there.

Seavenger 3 mm full wetsuit


Seavenger 3 mm wetsuit is your perfect starter wetsuit at a great price.  If you are not sure that spearfishing, diving, snorkeling or any other water activity is your first choice on activities this will be the suit for you.  It is still great quality and will keep you warm when you need to be. 

With the great range of motion neoprene you get anti abrasion shoulder and knee pads and a flat lock stitching to reduce chafing from the seams.  Even if you are a seasoned pro in the water and you just need that little extra warmth this is the suit for you!

Cressi Ultraspan 2.5 mm Gloves


Cressi 2.5 mm gloves are a great finish off from the full body wetsuit, boots and gloves you will never be cold again.  Even if you are someone who's extremities just get cold gloves and boots are a perfect way to go.  Your hands won't be restricted like in 5 or 7 mm gloves so you still have to freedom to do as you please without the compromise of cold hands.  

Cressi Anti-slip Neoprene socks


Cressi Anti-slip neoprene socks can be bought separately and work great as a layer of skin for your flippers or even just wearing them on the beach to and from or concrete to keep your feet safe from harm.  They are 2.5 mm thick and made of elastic span neoprene.  They have a anti-slip coating on the surface so they are great for boats, ladders, rocks and other hazardous walking areas.  

Final Thoughts

Once you know where you are going to be doing most of your spearfishing, you will be able to determine the right thickness for your wetsuit.  Once you have that sorted out, then it is time to get in the water!  You can pick what kind of wetsuit whether it be a shorty or full length or even just a covering to protect you from the sun, you will be warm and UV protected!  Remember to always rinse your wetsuit in fresh water after the ocean and don't leave it in the sun to dry!

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