Best Neoprene Socks for Snorkeling [ 2020 Reviews & Guide ]

Tilos 3mm Waterproof Neoprene Fin Socks for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming,...

Neoprene snorkel and dive socks come in short, medium and long ankle heights for snorkeling, scuba diving, and even hiking in water. They also come in different thicknesses from 1-5mm for warmth and protection

Our Top 10 List for Neoprene Socks in 2020

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Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks | Wetsuit Booties for Scuba Diving,...

In terms of great value, it’s unlikely to find another product that gives you more bang for the buck than Seavenger Zephyr. It offers everything you can find in more expensive products, but at a fraction of the price. 

Made from 3mm neoprene, it conserves body heat and provides insulation in cooler waters, but also on hot sand, so you won’t become a sprinter on your way from the shore to your beach chair or towel. 

These multi-use socks are perfect for more than just swimming. They are ideal for kayaking, wearing with scuba fins when snorkeling or diving, and even protecting your feet when playing beach sports. 

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Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks | Wetsuit Booties for Scuba Diving,...

A dotted silkscreen on the sole keeps you from slipping or falling on slippery terrains – just what you need to walk safely around the pool. 

Comfortable to wear for most watersports, Zephyr socks deliver a contoured, snug fit that hugs your feet from ankle to toe. Users particularly like the glued and blind-stitched seams that prevent chafing and add durability. 

They fit as expected and are ultra-lightweight. An array of sizes also make them suitable for all adults. 

Seavenger Zephyr comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. They’re super-comfy to wear with full-foot or open-heel fins and deliver outstanding value for money. 

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NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 2mm Neoprene Water Sock, Black, Size 11

These high socks by NeoSports are designed to be worn with the fins, but their design above the ankle also makes them suitable to wear with water shoes or boots. 

Made from 2mm neoprene, they are slightly thinner than the Seavenger; nevertheless, they still do an excellent job in keeping your feet warm when swimming in temperate water or hunting or walking in very cold water. 

The 4-way stretch design ensures easy on-off and comfort. Indeed, these socks slip on easily and prevent chafing. 

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NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 2mm Neoprene Water Sock, Black, Size 11

Their durable traction also makes them perfect for walking around the pool or on the hot sand. Certainly, a pair of water shoes would be more suitable for the purpose, but these socks can withstand the test beautifully. 

If you don’t like the boot height design, know that they also come in a low variant. You’ll also have little choices as far as colors are concerned, as these socks come only in black. Nevertheless, they are a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable pair of watersports socks.

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Mares Equator 2mm Dive Boots-11

If you’re looking for a hybrid between a neoprene sock and a water shoe, Mares Equator could fit the bill wonderfully. This pair of ankle-high dive boots has a 2mm neoprene upper designed to keep your feet warm in cooler waters. 

A vulcanized rubber sole improves traction on slippery terrains; they are a great choice for occasional hiking along creek beds or waterfalls, and also have a protective tall heel that makes them a good replacement for beach shoes. 

Very lightweight, they are comfortable to wear and also compact enough to fit in your beach bag or vacation luggage. 

The upper is blind stitched and glued, while the stretchy fabric allows for an easy put on and take off. 

At first glance, the sole might seem to give you issues when wearing these socks with fins. Nonetheless, they fit perfectly without squeezing or leaving gaps. Water is also easy to drain without taking them off. 

On the downside, they are a bit harder to dry than expected and run one size larger. Despite these minor drawbacks, though, the Equator are some of the best neoprene socks. 

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FUN TOES Neoprene Socks for Water Sports for Women & Men - 2 Pairs of Snorkel...

Perhaps not the cheapest neoprene socks out there but delivering excellent value for money, the Fun Toes socks have a unisex design and are ideal for swimming, snorkel, walking on the beach, and for most watersports. 

These socks are made from 2.5mm neoprene and boast a slightly rubberized sole that enhances grip when walking on slippery rocks. However, keep in mind that they are built for use in the water, so their sole might wear out pretty fast if you use them for other purposes. 

Providing all the protection you need when swimming, they fit wonderfully in both swimming and snorkeling fins. Few blind stitches also enhance comfort and prevent chafing. 

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FUN TOES Neoprene Socks for Water Sports for Women & Men - 2 Pairs of Snorkel...

There is some criticism regarding the sturdiness of the stitches between the sole and the upper. It seems that the socks are quite easy to tear apart. However, this could be caused by the size, especially if you don’t pay attention to the manufacturer’s warning that they run one size small. 

Because these socks have a snug fit, it is essential to get the right size if you want to prevent premature wear and tear. 

With this in mind, all it takes is to order one size larger than your usual size, and there should be no issues. 

Coming in black and very comfortable, this is a great pair of neoprene socks for your swimming arsenal.

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Tilos 3mm Waterproof Neoprene Fin Socks for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming,...

Next entry on our list of the best neoprene socks, Tilos shines with a hypoallergenic pair developed for those with sensitive skin. Made from 100% pure neoprene and cleverly called X-Foam, these natural socks are made from limestone neoprene instead of petroleum neoprene. 

This choice is not only great for people suffering from skin allergies or rashes; it’s also a smart choice for the eco-savvy swimmers and divers. 

Super-stretchy and durable, the X-Foam also stand out due to their 4-way stretch fabric that adapts to the contours of your feet and offers a snug fit. The seams are blind stitched for an even more comfortable approach, while the dotted silkscreen sole ensures a non-slip grip on slippery rocks. 

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Tilos 3mm Waterproof Neoprene Fin Socks for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming,...

This versatile pair of neoprene socks can be used as a liner for your water shoes or boots, and also fit beautifully in swimming or snorkeling fins. Colorful details on the seams make them suitable for both ladies and gents, while they also come in various designs. 

Perhaps the only downside is that they are not sand proof. Apart from that, they dry up pretty fast and are durable. Ideal for men and women, are undoubtedly a great choice for the price.

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BPS 'Storm Elite Sock' Neoprene Water Socks - with Anti-Slip Sole - Wetsuit...

Flexible, affordable, and coming in a range of attractive colors, the BPS low cut neoprene socks look so similar but are quite different from other fin socks out there. Made from 3mm neoprene, they are cleverly designed to “hug” your ankles for a snugger fit. 

Ideal for wearing in the water but also on the sand, they have a durable yet flexible sole, resistant enough to allow you to enjoy beach sports like volleyball or soccer. 

The difference lays in the adjustable elastic strap over the ankle that minimizes water intake and another elastic strap over the top of the foot that keeps the sock tighter. 

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BPS 'Storm Elite Sock' Neoprene Water Socks - with Anti-Slip Sole - Wetsuit...

Not only these straps enhance comfort, but they can also keep your feet warmer when swimming in cooler waters. 

Despite the straps, the socks still fit wonderfully in water boots and shoes, so they’re a good choice if you plan to hike near waterfalls or creeks. At the same time, the fully flexible sole and breathable upper enhance the “barefoot” effect. 

Besides the wide variety of high cut socks, the model is also available in a short cut version that’s more suitable for the summer. Whatever your choice, you’ll surely like the feel of these socks.

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Neoprene Water Fin Sock Diving Wetsuits Sock 3MM for Women Men, Thermal Beach...

Slinx by Skyone are some of the best neoprene socks you can get your hands on. There are so many features that make them different from the other entries on this list. 

To begin with, these socks truly deliver a sock-like feel. They are snug and fit perfectly, while the super-stretch 3mm neoprene ensures they won’t slip as you’re swimming or walking. This feature alone enhances the level of comfort. 

Flexible and reliable, they also have a rubberized sole. But the best part is that the toe and heel area are also rubberized. A design choice that enhances anti-slip protection. At the same time, the thermal material keeps your feet warm underwater while protecting them from being hurt by rocks or sharp objects. 

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Neoprene Water Fin Sock Diving Wetsuits Sock 3MM for Women Men, Thermal Beach...

This hi-grip textured construction makes them suitable for the beach or watersports, but also for hiking. 

Like most neoprene socks, this pair comes with glued and blind stitches that offer superior comfort and durability. Fitted and adjustable to all sizes, they are a good choice for both teens and adults. 

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Seavenger High Cut Beach Socks with Grip Sole for Sand, Volleyball, Snorkeling,...

Another entry from Seavenger, the SeaSnugs impress with their durable construction and extensive choice of colors and styles. Made for the beach but also ideal for wearing on other occasions, these neoprene socks don’t have a rubberized sole but come with reinforced Kevlar toe, heel, and sole. 

An adjustable strap ensures a snug fit, while the stretchy material makes them suitable even for wider feet. 

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Seavenger High Cut Beach Socks with Grip Sole for Sand, Volleyball, Snorkeling,...

Another important difference between these socks and the others on this list is the Lycra upper. 

Thin and breathable, this pair is ideal for swimming in warmer waters, and it also protects your feet while wearing fins. 

The comfortable construction with flat-lock stitching also minimizes flushes and prevents chafing. Thanks to the quick-dry technology, these socks also dry extremely quickly and provide protection from the hot sand.

A slight downside is that they tend to wear out pretty fast due to the lack of rubber reinforcement on the sole. 

Given the price, though, it’s a more than worthy investment. While not made of neoprene, they are suitable for adults and kids, excellent for all water applications, comfortable and fun to wear. 

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H2ODYSSEY Neoprene Snorkeling Fin Sock, 2mm (Medium, Mens Size 8-9)

H2Odyssey Mini Sock is exactly what it sounds like. An ankle-high 2mm neoprene sock perfect for snorkeling, but not so perfect for wearing on the beach or at the pool. 

While the neoprene is thick enough to protect from the hot sand, the low profile makes it easy for the sand to get into the sock and cause blisters. Because they have no reinforcement on the sole, these socks will also wear out quite fast if you decide to walk in them on hard surfaces. 

They pair wonderfully with most fins, though, and are also a perfect fit for a wide variety of water shoes. 

Shaped for maximum comfort, they have no annoying seams. Nice is also the non-slip bottom that’s perfect for use with full foot fins. 

Coming in a wide range of sizes and excellently priced, H2Odyssey surely brings unrivaled value for money. 

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AKONA 2mm Low Top Neoprene Snorkeling/Dive Sock, Mens 8 / Womens 9

Another pair of high-quality neoprene socks, the AKONA Low Cut are ideal for wearing with ankle-high boots, water shoes, as well as swimming or snorkeling fins. 

Features designed specifically for comfort in water make these socks ideal for all watersports and beach adventures. They’re made from 2mm neoprene, although some people claimed they are actually thinner. A slightly higher heel also makes them ideal for wearing in all sorts of footwear. 

Blind and glued stitched seams increase durability while keeping you comfortable. Rubberized soles also improve grip when wearing the socks on rocks, sand, or other slippery surfaces. 

The quality finish on the edges and strong stitches also enhance durability. At the same time, airprene side panels allow for quick water drainage while providing warmth and protection. 

The new design of these socks also ensures a better fit on most foot types. Available in a wide range of sizes, they are a great choice for kids, teens, and adults, and some of the best neoprene socks on today’s market.

Neoprene Socks - Buying Guide & FAQ

What are neoprene water socks?

Everyday socks are made of cotton and the primary purpose is to protect our feet, absorb perspiration and prevent chafing cause by the constant rubbing between our foot and the material from the footwear we use like shoes. But how about socks that are made of neoprene?

Neoprene socks are not worn with shoes on land, but rather, is worn as a standalone foot accessory when we expose the lower extremities of our body to any aquatic environment such as rivers, lakes and the ocean - for instance we can use neoprene socks for hiking in water. Aside from foot protection against rocks and other solid or spiny objects, neoprene dive socks are worn to prevent body heat loss. This purpose is relatively important and applied in instances where the surrounding area is significantly colder than our body temperature as in scuba diving. In cases of cold water environments, wearing neoprene scuba socks will trap our body heat and concentrate that heat in our lower extremities where the possibility of heat dissipation is reduced to the minimum. But without wearing neoprene socks, body heat temperature will dissipate through our extremities, which in this case our feet, where prolonged exposures can lead to lowered body core temperature, shivering and hypothermia in a worst case scenario.

Neoprene Socks vs. Water Shoes

We have to admit that both neoprene socks and water shoes share the same common purpose - to protect our feet. But if we give extra attention and try to differentiate these two footwears, you will realize that there are a couple of differences that may answer one’s preference.

Sole - this is one of the obvious differences between the two footwears. Water shoes has soles that are made up of hard rubber while neoprene socks does not have one. And if there is one, it is made out of a thick neoprene material and not rubber. The difference for a having a thick or thin sole will lead to the flexibility of the footwear where neoprene socks are more flexible compared to water shoes. 

Aqua Mesh - a net webbing is a predominant feature for water shoes as it filters out and prevent sand, pebbles and other small debris to enter and come in contact with your feet. On the other hand, neoprene socks are completely covered with a highly flexible material that sand and pebbles virtually cannot go through. However, once sand and pebbles accidentally enters, getting rid of the foreign object requires you to completely take off the footwear and remove the object manually. 

Breathability - given the fact that water shoes and neoprene socks differs in having a sole and a aqua mesh, this difference could also lead to breathability. Water shoes may have a holed-sole and a nylon webbing the contributes to the overall breathability of the footwear, neoprene socks (without having those features) has less breathability. However, in extreme water temperature, neoprene socks are better appreciated as they retain more heat as compared to the open water circulation of water shoes.

How to Wash and Clean Neoprene Socks

While given the fact that neoprene socks don’t have aqua mesh or holes in the side where sediments and other fouling objects can enter, it does not mean that you don’t need to wash them. If you do so, then expect to smell a fouling odor just hours before it is completely dried up.

But washing your neoprene sock does not just involve rinsing. Remember that the water environment you just have been exploring contains bacteria and other microorganisms, that when left alone and settled in your neoprene socks, can cause a fouling odor. This is on top of the sediments and the perspiration from your feet.

We highly advise that the moment you get back home, or if possible while still on site, rinse your neoprene socks thoroughly with freshwater. It would be better if you soak it in soap, liquid detergent or a shampoo that is specifically formulated for neoprene use. After soaking your neoprene socks for a couple of minutes, you need to rub all the areas of the footwear and squeeze afterwards so that all fouling agents will be expelled. This technique is particularly helpful since neoprene has less breathability and by not rubbing and squeezing, would left the fouling agents set deep inside the material. After rubbing and squeezing, rinse thoroughly with freshwater and squeeze out excess water that is left behind.

With regards to drying up your neoprene socks, do not dry it up under the direct heat of the sun, otherwise you will damage the material which can become brittle in the process. “Air Dry” is the most advisable way to dry up your neoprene socks, similar to what we do with our wetsuit that is made up of neoprene. To facilitate drying, you can further use dry cloth, old newspaper or even a hair-dryer where you are guaranteed to wear a dry and clean neoprene socks the next day. And by the way, who wants to wear a dampened and wet neoprene socks early in the morning?

What thickness of neoprene socks should I purchase?

Neoprene socks usually come in the thickness of 1-5mm. The reason for this is that the thinner socks will still give you the protection you need but if the air and water temperature is the same at 90 degrees Fahrenheit you want to be cooler on your feet. If the water is cooler, you want more warmth, then you will want to go with a thicker sock like the 5 mm thickness.

Why do socks have "4-way" stretch and why is it important in your snorkeling sock?

When articles talk about 4-way stretch it means that it stretches in all directions making it form better to your foot. Everyone's foot is different in every way and the elasticity of the 4-way stretch allows it to mold over you foot so it keeps that snug feeling and eliminating water or sand getting into the sock. This prevents creating pockets that if debris or water got in your sock it could cause irritation that leads to a rash or blisters.

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