Best Toddler Watershoes

Is there really anything more fun going to the beach (ocean or lake), making sand castles, playing in the waves, having a picnic and enjoying the sun while snorkeling with your kids?  I didn't think so.  Now when you are in and around the ocean you do have other possibly harmful creatures or barnacles that you need to be aware of.  That is why having the best toddler water shoes make a difference not only for you, knowing that you child is safe but also makes life easier for them because they can run jump and play as much as they like, even not burning their feet on the sand when it is really hot outside!

Best toddler watershoes

One might ask why a toddler (child who is about to start walking) need water shoes and that is a great question.  Your #1 reason is protection of his or her feet!  Even if you child is not starting to walk having water shoes still protects them from the sun and the heat from the sand.  If they are just starting to walk around even better reason to get water shoes.  On the beach you have no idea what is there so it is better to be safe than sorry for your feet's sake!

Water shoes Dry faster!  Having water shoes compared to regular shoes they are made of water proof or water resistant material so when they do get wet they dry fast and you never have to worry about your child's feet staying wet and soggy all day long.

Throughout this article I will go over some of the best toddler water shoes and what to look for in them.  You can get them in so many different colors and styles that your child will be as happy as a kid at the beach (literally)!

What To Look For When Buying Toddler Water Shoes!

You may think that all water shoes will be the same but unfortunately not.  You need to think about quite a few features that will keep them lasting for a long time or until the toddler grows out of them!  What kind of material is best and what the shoe bottom is made of.  You want to make sure that there is a solid layer in the sole so they do have protection and that they are not flimsy and a waste of money.  


You may find a lot of different materials and first and foremost, make sure your child does not have any allergies to the material because that will make the process much easier.

Synthetic Material - Normally synthetic is a bit cheaper because it it not the full natural material and is created to act like different natural properties.  The good news is, usually synthetic material is cheaper and will last quite long and again as long as your kid will fit into the water shoes.  Normally the material will be quite water proof or at least water resistant but will always say on the website.  

Rubber - Having rubber on the water shoe is very normal and it will be on the "rubber sole" of the shoe so the bottom part of the water shoe.  This is good because having a rubber sole will protect the foot very well.  It allows for a cushion between the foot and the surface and will have different grooves or markings for protection.  Rubber is waterproof and will wick away water very nicely.  The only caution is that it can be slippery on wet rocks so just be cautious unless it specifically has a NON-Slip Sole which most will so just look for that!

Nylon - To be specific is a group of synthetic polymers.... All that means is that it is a comfortable material that does not trap water in!

Lycra - Some water shoes will have Lycra on it which is an elastic fiber that is comfortable and form fitting!

Spandex - Is very similar to Lycra with very elastic fibers but some may be allergic to one or the other so there is another option.

Polyester - Is another synthesized polymer that is very strong and durable which is great for shoes as they can take a beating.

Kinds of water shoes

There are different kinds of water shoes and how they wear.  They can come in Velcro, slip on, straps and much more.  The biggest will be if you child actually likes them and they come in so many different styles and types if you find the water shoe that he or she likes, you will ready to go!

Top Toddler Water shoes

Speedo Exsqueeze me Water Shoes


Speedo is one of the great names of water shoes and clothing and they now make toddler and kids articles as well.  The shoe comes in a variety of colors and is made of synthetic rubber with a hard sole to protect the foot.  It is supper soft on the foot and flexible to easy in and out of.  It is ventilated for those hot days and your child's foot won't sweat!

GF time Water Shoes


GFtime Water Shoes are great for everyone.  They are unisex and come in a wide range of all colors and sizes to fit your little boy or girl.  They are lightweight (80 to 180 grams) and travel even better.  They won't add any pounds to that already heavy bag you are going to the beach with!  They are made of polyester and spandex and feel like an extra skin with full protection.  They are great for all activities and keeping your kids foot safe!

The Wave kids water shoes


The Wave Kids water shoes are durable and have great traction.  With Rubber soles and small knobs for traction they work great in and out of the water, around pool decks and on pavement.  They have an quick release ankle hole for easy on and off and to tighten when needed.  They come in a variety of colors and have 90% nylon.  Very breathable and dry fast!

Starbay Childrens Athletic Water Shoe


Starbay Athletic water shoes has some of the most grip on the market.  With grooves, knobs and inlets the rubber sole acts tough and gives you traction when you need it.  Easy quick release ankle hole for on and off with mesh around the whole foot for easy breathing and fast drying.

Speedo Exsqueeze me water shoes


Speedo Exsqueeze me water shoes for little boys.  The same shoe as above but for boys.  They come 3 different colors for each individual need!

Crocs Kids Crocband


Everybody loves Crocs and now kids and toddlers can to!  They are easy in and out shoes great for more than just the beach!  Having a solid rubber sole makes them great for any hard surface.  The adjustable strap makes it good to wear for more support and for a relaxed fit just flip it forward and you have a slip on shoe!

Neosport 5 mm youth boots


Neosport 5 mm youth boot is the next level for water shoes.  This takes the net step to snorkeling or diving boots.  If you are in colder water the extra few mm of fabric will keep your child's feet warm for hours on end.  There is an easy adjustable zipper to get on and off.  They can be worn with some snorkeling fins and will let your child explore the ocean or lake!

Final Thoughts

So as you can see there are lots of options to choose from that will keep your child or toddlers feet safe from all the beach has to throw at you.  With lots of options just making sure the sole is strong and supportive (non-slip) and your kid will be having fun for hours and hours!  Don't forget to wear reef safe sun screen if you are in the ocean to help keep our oceans clean!

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