Best Swimming Snorkel

Best swimming snorkel

As I have talked a lot about the specifics of the snorkel and the new features most of them carry, I bet you never thought of a snorkel for swimming laps? Normally you are in a tropical environment like Cancun or Belize enjoying the marine life and probably having a tasty beverage after! Well.. now there are swimming snorkels that benefit swimming laps or working on your stroke improvement.

The number one issue when swimming laps (mostly front crawl) , is breathing. It disrupts your swim pattern and throws your center of balance off. I would not recommend this for competitive swimmers or people doing triathlons as a permanent option, BUT it is a great tool to add to your stroke improvement. When you don't have to breathe every 2,3,4, etc strokes you can really focus on your technique.

You can control your movement as you tighten your abs, work on the hand entry position with extension, your high elbow catch, and full hand to hip extension as you go in to you recovery position. Using a swimming snorkel, it will go right down the midline of your face up over your forehead so it is aerodynamic as opposed to having drag on the side of your face like a normal snorkel in a relaxed vacation setting.

It is good to use this when you are starting out swimming and you can really focus on your swim position. If you are training for a race like a triathlon or even competition swimming it is good to use occasionally but do not rely on this full time! You do not want to become dependent on the snorkel because then it will disrupt your true swimming pattern and could make swimming even harder when you go back to bilateral (breathing to both sides) or unilateral (breathing to one side).

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Under $27.00

Finis swimmer snorkel is our #1 pick overall.  It has all the features you will need to improve your stroke and make you faster.  Comes in pink or yellow and can be worn with swim cap and swim goggles.

From $24.00

Michael Phelps swimming snorkel.  What else can you say?  His patented snorkel is streamline and is made by the best.  Available it 2 different sizes and lots of colors 

From $17.50

Finis Glide Swimmers Snorkel is our best value play.  Great price to get you started in the water to work on your stroke with adjustable strap and silicone mouthpiece.

Under $23.00

Rising Goods Swimming Snorkel has a lifetime hassle free guarantee so if you aren't happy, don't worry! You can return it!  Purge feature and silicone mouthpiece this is a fantastic piece of equipment.  

From $19.00

Copozz swimming snorkel has a center mount design for maximal comfort and a one way purge valve so you don't get excess water in your mouth.  Great price and sleek design lets you improve your swimming stroke faster and more efficiently. 

From $25.00

Arena Swimming Snorkel has an adjustable headpiece and a silicone mouthpiece for comfort.  Purge valve makes life easy so you don't take on water and can maximize your lungs without that pesky water in it.

From $25.25

Finis Freestyle Swimming Snorkel has a curved snorkel so you can swim more aerodynamically with your head and eyes down.  One of my favorites due to the shape so I can stay streamline.

Under $30.00

TYR 2.0 Ultra lite Snorkel has a comfortable head strap that is easily adjustable.  The L shape design makes swimming easier and more effective.  Silicone mouthpiece for comfort as if you didn't have anything in your mouth. 

From $34.00

Speedo Hydralign Center Swimming Snorkel is a comfortable swimming tool that will make you faster.  Silicone mouthpiece, adjustable straps and purge valve.

From $10.50

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 googles.  If you only have snorkel googles and want to try swim goggles with a snorkel this is your best bet. comfortable and sleek will make you even faster!

What to look for in a Swimming Snorkel?

Your normal snorkel is going to be in a J shape, however, the position of the swimming snorkel needs to contour to your face so it is aerodynamic. One would ask if you could just use your regular snorkel and turn it a different way. Unfortunately the mouth piece is going to be shifted 90 degrees so that it fits in your mouth properly. If you are going to use the swimming snorkel when you are on vacation for whatever reason, if it fits better or you just like it better, sometimes it can be very difficult to have a proper snorkel mask on so you may want to wear regular swimming goggles so they are not disrupted.

Mouthpiece: Most mouthpieces will be made of silicone which I find to be the most comfortable and best fitting but sometimes it is a personal preference. Mouth pieces can be made of rubber or sometimes on cheaper ones they will be plastic which I recommend you do not get. The plastic does not have mobility and if you want a cheap one just to try it out, it may turn you off of swimming snorkels. For the extra few dollars get a well designed proper one especially if you are in the water a lot.

Purge Valve: Some snorkels will have purge valve to make sure you don't swallow that pool water filled of chlorine, salt or who knows what. What this feature does, is it drains the excess water out of the snorkel so you don't breathe it in. Not all snorkels will have this feature and are not necessary but are definitely helpful. For snorkels that do not have a purge valve you will just have to have an extra hard blow to push the excess water back up the snorkel and release back into the pool.

Splash Guard: Mostly found on normal snorkel sets but a few swimming snorkels have this option. What a splash guard is, a flap that prevents water from even entering while your swimming and going into your mouth. It makes it easy if you are doing flip turns (when swimming laps, tucking your head into the water and doing a summersault, kicking off the wall and continuing your swim laps). When you do the summersault, water won't enter your mouthpiece making it an easy transition without that extra breathe.

Headpiece: You want your headpiece to have easy adjustable straps for comfort. Have a plastic attachment to your strap so it is more durable and won't bend or move when you are swimming.

Final Thoughts

So now you know what a swim snorkel can do for you.  Remember that they are not great for casual snorkeling due to the bigger mask but with goggles as mentioned above you could do use it, if you want.  The swimming snorkel are primarily for stroke improvement and more specific drills to improve your cardiovascular system.  Do not use this as a primary means of swimming all the time if you are doing competitions so you don't rely on this tool for swimming.  After all that, get in and have fun! (or as much as you can exercising)

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