Best Snorkel for Swimming Laps

Here's our top choices for best snorkel for swimming laps on the market in 2019.

  1. Kraken Aquatics Swimmer's Snorkel with Silicone Mouthpiece >> silicone Mouthpiece and One Way Purge Valve
  2. MP Michael Phelps Focus Swim Snorkel >> unique low profile, hydrodynamic tube, silicone mouthpiece
  3. Speedo Bullet Head Swimmer's Snorkel >> hydrodynamic features, adjustable head band
  4. Zionor Pool Lap Swimming Snorkel >> smooth airflow, provides healthy amount of oxygen, Fast-swim Oriented
  5. FINIS Adult & Junior Swimmer's Snorkel >> Allows to focus on stroke technique for swimmers
  6. COPOZZ Swim Snorkel for Lap Swimming >> Easy Breath One way Purge Valve, soft, flexible silicone mouthpiece
  7. FINIS GLIDE Swimmers Snorkel >> center mount design provides full range of motion for butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle
  8. TYR 2.0 Ultralite Snorkel >> Designed for focused body alignment, gightweight 175 gr construction
Kraken Aquatics Swimmer's Snorkel with Comfortable Silicone Mouthpiece and...

Our Top Picks for Swimming Lap Snorkels

The number one improvement area for beginners when swimming laps (mostly front crawl) , is breathing. It disrupts your swim pattern and throws your center of balance off.

A swim snorkel coupled the with use of a fitness tracker for swimming, is a great tool to add to your stroke improvement when you don't have to breathe every 2,3,4, etc strokes you can really focus on your technique. Here's our top picks on the market for the best rated...

Kraken Aquatics Swimmer's Snorkel with Comfortable Silicone Mouthpiece and...

With a center mount snorkel design, the Kraken Aquatics Swimmer’s Snorkel allows you to breathe continuously without the need to turn your head sideways thereby allowing you to focus on your body position as well as swim and stroke efficiency.

This swimmer’s snorkel is composed of a special tube design with a low profile that reduces water resistance while you are doing laps. The mouthpiece is soft and flexible and is made from high quality silicone giving you a comfortable feel and dental grip.

In cases where water accidentally enters the snorkel tube, you can easily drain it using the one-way purge valve.

Kraken Aquatics Swimmer's Snorkel with Comfortable Silicone Mouthpiece and...

The whole snorkel unit is fastened and secured through its adjustable and padded head brackets.

Many have considered Kraken Aquatics Swimmer’s Snorkel an effective training aide especially for newbies. Some of the problems encountered as they first use a swimmer’s snorkel is the accidental entry of water in the tube. But not in this swimmer’s snorkel as water will not enter even if you face down beyond the prescribed angle.

Speedo Bullet Head Swimmer's Snorkel, Shocking Lime, 1SZ

The Speedo Bullet Head Swimmer’s Snorkel is designed to give you the most hydrodynamic feature. It has a minimalist outline that is built for high speeds which is ideal for sprinters training in the pool. Many have considered this swimmer’s snorkel ideal especially if you are looking for stability.

Its low profile teardrop shape gives you maximum vision while significantly reducing water drag. The small opening of the snorkel tube reduces airflow, thereby improves your lung capacity which is deemed very important during training.

It has an adjustable headband with notches on the tube for a comfortable fit and a padding TPR that eliminates facial pinching and headache in cases of an accidental tight fit.

Speedo Bullet Head Swimmer's Snorkel, Shocking Lime, 1SZ

Many of its users, both seasoned and newbie swimmers, find the Speedo Bullet Head Swimmer’s Snorkel very comfortable to use. They were able to submerged their head and look straight down while on training.

You do not need to tilt your head just to breath since this swimmer’s snorkel is designed for a complete head immersion. Newbies were encouraged to swim more often as they find this swimmer’s snorkel very easy to use. Some have claimed that it only took them a single lap and they were already attuned in using it.

ZIONOR T1 Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable...

The Zionor T1 Swimmer’s Snorkel is considered one of the best swim training equipment available in the market. It has a snorkel spout that allows smooth and clear airflow that provides a generous amount of oxygen gas in your lungs once you inhale.

This is one of the few swimmer’s snorkel that is preferred by sprinters due to its design and orientation. It has a sleek hydrodynamic feature that allows you to swim effortlessly with the least water resistance.

The mouthpiece is optimally designed to have a perfect and comfortable fit in the mouth while the one-way purge valve only requires a single blow for the flooded water in the tube to be totally flush. 

The straps has a comfortable and firm padding that snuggly fits in your head while relieving you from pressure related pain like headache.

ZIONOR T1 Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable...

Just in case you want a super dry snorkel that has a front mounting, the Zionor T1 Swimmer’s Snorkel has an upgraded version where you can have the option to choose a unit with a splash guard.

FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel - Adult & Junior (Yellow, Adult)

The Finis Swimmers Snorkel is revolutionary designed to help all swimmers improve their swimming skills and technique. Using this swimmer’s snorkel allows you to smoothly glide in the water without the need to turn, bend or lift your head.

It has an elliptical shape snorkel tube with a one way purge valve, flexible silicone mouthpiece, adjustable strap and a head bracket that can be used with or without a mask or swimming goggles.

FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel - Adult & Junior (Yellow, Adult)

For adults, we suggest you choose the large size while the small size will perfectly fit the small head contours of a child.

Many of the users of the Finis Swimmers Snorkel told us that they gained many benefits from using this swimmer’s snorkelers like the snorkel pipe always stays out of the water at all times giving you continuous breathing, the head band is highly adjustable both in diameter and height where it can fit even large sized head and the mouthpiece have a couple of pieces to bite making sure that the snorkel stays in place and firm in the mouth.

COPOZZ Swim Snorkel for Lap Swimming Swimmers Training Snorkeling Diving, Center...

The Copozz Swim Snorkel is one of the best swimmer’s snorkel both for young and adult swimmers.

It has a centrally mounted front snorkel where you can breath easily especially if your face is entirely facing down or fully submerged underwater. It uses a streamline design to reduce resistance in the water, and at the same time, does not block your vision.

COPOZZ Swim Snorkel for Lap Swimming Swimmers Training Snorkeling Diving, Center...

The Copozz Swim Snorkel is equipped with a one way purge valve which is located at the bottom part. This design allows both water and air to freely flow in and out of the snorkel tube. This also guarantees that once you blow and clear the snorkel tube, no bubble will interfere with your sight.

The mouthpiece is made up of premium silicone material that is soft and flexible and many have claimed that they have not experienced any gum irritation. The head straps can easily be adjusted.

With just a press of the buckle or with the pull of the silicone straps, you can fully adjust the fit according to your tight preference. The straps are further designed to be used with or without a swimming cap and swimming goggles.

Buying Guide for Snorkel for Swimming Laps

When we talk about snorkel as an equipment, what comes to our mind is that it is designed to be placed on the side of our head, particularly on the left side for reasons that it will not interfere with other equipment which usually comes out from the right side.

However, there is a specific type of snorkel called front-mounted or swimmer’s snorkel. It is not mounted on the right side or on the left side, but on the middle part. You have to remember that a swimmer’s snorkel is not used in actual snorkeling or scuba diving.

Further, it does not need to be attached to a mask or goggles. IT IS ONLY USED DURING TRAINING, especially if you are doing laps in the pool.

But why choose a swimmer’s snorkel during training rather than the typical snorkel we know?

It is simply because there are several benefits you can gain from using it. The biggest benefit you can have is you can balance your stroke since you don’t need to bend your head on the side or lift in front to breath. It encourages you to keep your face down at all times and have a straight head orientation towards your general direction.

Remember that we have this tendency to go and move sidewards as a result if we bend or lift our head. It promotes a full kick and maximizes the use of our legs since the crossing of our ankle, as a result of bending our head, is totally eliminated.

And lastly, it does not interfere with other swimming equipment like fins and paddles since the swimmer’s snorkel is an individual piece of equipment and does not need any attachment to the goggles or mask.

You can control your movement as you tighten your abs, work on the hand entry position with extension, your high elbow catch, and full hand to hip extension as you go in to you recovery position. Using a swimming snorkel, it will go right down the midline of your face up over your forehead so it is aerodynamic as opposed to having drag on the side of your face like a normal snorkel in a relaxed vacation setting.

It is good to use this when you are starting out swimming and you can really focus on your swim position. If you are training for a race like a triathlon or even competition swimming it is good to use occasionally but do not rely on this full time! You do not want to become dependent on the snorkel because then it will disrupt your true swimming pattern and could make swimming even harder when you go back to bilateral (breathing to both sides) or unilateral (breathing to one side).

What to look for in a Swimming Snorkel?

1. Shape

Your normal snorkel is going to be in a J shape, however, the position of the swimming snorkel needs to contour to your face so it is aerodynamic.

One would ask if you could just use your regular snorkel and turn it a different way. Unfortunately the mouth piece is going to be shifted 90 degrees so that it fits in your mouth properly.

If you are going to use the swimming snorkel when you are on vacation for whatever reason, if it fits better or you just like it better, sometimes it can be very difficult to have a proper snorkel mask on so you may want to wear regular swimming goggles so they are not disrupted.

2. Mouthpiece

Most mouthpieces will be made of silicone which I find to be the most comfortable and best fitting but sometimes it is a personal preference. Mouth pieces can be made of rubber or sometimes on cheaper ones they will be plastic which I recommend you do not get.

The plastic does not have mobility and if you want a cheap one just to try it out, it may turn you off of swimming snorkels. For the extra few dollars get a well designed proper one especially if you are in the water a lot.

3. Purge Valve

Some snorkels will have purge valve to make sure you don't swallow that pool water filled of chlorine, salt or who knows what. What this feature does, is it drains the excess water out of the snorkel so you don't breathe it in. Not all snorkels will have this feature and are not necessary but are definitely helpful.

For snorkels that do not have a purge valve you will just have to have an extra hard blow to push the excess water back up the snorkel and release back into the pool.

4. Splash Guard

Mostly found on normal snorkel sets but a few swimming snorkels have this option. What a splash guard is, a flap that prevents water from even entering while your swimming and going into your mouth.

It makes it easy if you are doing flip turns (when swimming laps, tucking your head into the water and doing a summersault, kicking off the wall and continuing your swim laps). When you do the summersault, water won't enter your mouthpiece making it an easy transition without that extra breathe.

5. Headpiece

You want your headpiece to have easy adjustable straps for comfort. Have a plastic attachment to your strap so it is more durable and won't bend or move when you are swimming.

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