Top 10 Snorkeling Destinations in the World

Top 10 snorkeling destinations in the world

There world is a gigantic place and there are more coral reefs and fish that will ever fit into one article that won’t bore you with specific titles and names. Here are the top 10 Snorkeling locations in the world! Not only are we talking reefs and fish but the overall WOW factor to such as swimming with whale sharks the scenery once you are out of the water and the true beauty the world has to offer. Obviously it is tough because every will have their own opinion but here are my choices and thoughts on why they are the best and the overall factor of greatness!  Make sure you bring an underwater camera because you will want to show these pictures off!

10. Silverbank - Dominican Republic

Starting the list off is Silverbank and you will see why this ranks as our top 10.  It is located about 80 miles north of the Dominican Republic and is a breeding ground for humpback whales. IT was declared a whale sanctuary  in 1986 and they have thousands of North Atlantic Humpback Whales come visit every year.  You can find lots of travel excursions from Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos. Put this on your list for sure so you can swim with these amazing beings which is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

9. Champagne Reef - Dominica

Just north of St.Lucia Dominica is not the Dominican Republic, it is its own separate nation and the hotspot is Champagne reef just off of Pointe Michel. The name is derived from the fissures in the sea floor make it looks like a champagne glass. You can feel these warm bubbles splashing against your body along with lots of marine life. There is also a 17th century Spanish shipwreck along with green and hawksbill turtles.

8. Palawan - Philippines

Having splendid year round warm temperatures with over 7000 islands around the nation you are obviously going to get great snorkeling with diverse ecosystems and fish. Located near the central western side of the nation the Bay of Donsol invites you to swim with the whale sharks and much more as they feed on plankton. It is truly amazing how white the sand is and how clear the water is. Visibility will be endless to spectacular fish and amazing corals.

7. Raja Ampat - Indonesia

Part of the Coral Triangle which is actually the entirety of Asia Pacific almost has a vast diversity throughout the area. It has been recorded that there are over 1700 species of fish in this area so there is nothing short of fish to look at with pastel and vibrant colors you better have your water camera ready! You can also take multi-day adventures to span throughout the area.

Once you get there (it may take a while from the Americas) plan to stay there and enjoy… visit the locals, take in the scenery in and out of the water and enjoy!

6. Ambergris Caye, Belize

The reef along Belize is a 190 mile long eco system that is also part of the mesoamerican barrier reef which is 560 miles long. You can see how it comes in at a top 10 but also the difference between Australia and this reef is still so drastic.

Along Ambergris Caye there are numerous excursions to get to all of the reef but the main points of interest are Mexico Rock, Hol Chan, and Shark Ray alley. If you talk to anyone these will be the ones that you want to hit up. The night snorkeling/diving at Hol Chan is a must as well. There will be a lot of marine life that you normally would never see during the day and definitely makes for a great evening.

5.Seychelles islands

Off the coast of Kenya, East Africa, the Seychelles are comprised of 115 islands with nature reserves, white sandy beaches and coral reefs with their inhabited fishes that make life colorful and spectacular.

There are 4 great spots to head out snorkeling including: Ste. Anne Marine Park, Anse Soleil, Baie Lazare, Anse Major. All are great snorkeling spots where you will see semicircle, threespot and emperor angelfish, blue spotted spinefoot, grouper, manta rays and so much more. With a great range in temperature between 75 to 83 degrees fahrenheit no need to bring the wetsuits because you will be warm in and out of the water!

4. The Big Island Hawaii

Anywhere is Hawaii is pretty spectacular to go snorkeling or diving but what makes The Big Island makes the cut by having more pristine snorkeling area than all the other islands total. First of all you will need to check out Kealakekua Bay where Captain James Cook first landed and you will see turtles and dolphins along with many other species of fish and coral.

Also check out Kahalu’u Bay especially at night to see the manta ray dive and seeing rays up to 12 feet long! Honaunau Bay offers a depth of 20 feet and to see more dolphins!

3. Great Barrier Reef

Of course we are going to have to put the Great Barrier Reef in the top 3 as it is the largest reef ecosystem in the world measuring up to 1400 miles you know there has to be amazing marine ecology there and there is! You can actually see the reef from outer space and is the largest single structure made by living organism in the world.

Because it spans 1400 miles obviously there are many points of entry including but not limited to Cairns, Port Douglas, and live aboard tours. You will see so many different species of fish and coral it will blow your mind and each snorkel through the water will be completely different than the last!

2. Maldives

If you have never heard of this place and you are an avid snorkeler or diver you need to look into more tropical environments before you make your next trip and hopefully this will be one! Located southwest of India it is about 1330 miles and a 2.5 hour flight to get there. There is just under 400,000 people living on the islands and is the world's lowest country on average of 1.5 meters.

Now to the snorkeling... A natural picturesque view as soon as you hit the water. The Kandolhu reef is one of the best where you will find some of the Maldives 26 atolls and some of their thousand islands present you will immerse yourself with temperatures from 69-90 degrees fahrenheit so you will not be cold and you will be able to see for a long time! You will see dolphins, turtles, reef sharks, napoleons and over 1000 species of marine life.  Make sure you have reef safe sunscreen though to preserve this beautiful place!

If you are looking for something even more spectacular check out Poseidon Undersea Resorts for something even more magical!

1.Galapagos Islands

Located 550 miles west of Ecuador is a National Park has 18 main island, 3 smaller islands and over 100 rock formations around the main islands and they have 20% of their marine species are found nowhere else in the world including the marine iguana, tortoise and penguin. You can find tunas, manta rays and even hammerhead sharks near the beaches.

My favorite spot is on the west called Punta Espinosa and you can find whales, dolphins, turtles and so much more. The floor bed is formed from volcanic rock over thousands and thousands of years with amazing coral and hiding fish throughout the area.

Another great spot is Floreana Island where a volcanic cone has formed with a vast array of sea life. There is a strong current so be cautious but just let it take you for a ride and enjoy. You will see scorpion fish, groupers, snappers, sea turtles and sea lions along with rays!

Just when you thought the sea was beyond anything you have ever seen, look at the land and mammals that encompass each island it will blow you away!

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