Best Men’s Water Shoes for Snorkeling and Diving

2019 : Our Top Picks for Men's Water Shoes for Snorkeling

ALEADER Men's Mesh Slip On Water Shoes Navy 10.5 D(M) US

At first glance, the Aleader Men’s Water shoes just looks like your ordinary everyday shoes. But once you hold and examine it, you will realize that it bears the features a water shoes must have. It has a thick rubber sole that is ideal for walking on uneven terrain like the ones you see in a riverbed, streams and lakes. But despite being thick, it can be handled easily even on deep water courtesy from the holes in the soles which acts as a drain for water. This in turn gives you superior breathability and quickly dries up even under the shade.

Designed for total foot breathability, the Aleader Men’s Water shoes uses durable mesh fabric that allows both air and water to freely circulate on the inside where heat can never be trapped and build-up. When used for long-distance walking, you will appreciate its midsole that is made from a solyte material which provides you with an exceptional lightweight feel where many of its users have claim that it gives them good bounce back and durability. This is further complemented by its comfordry sockliner which adds to the overall cushioning while giving you a cooler, drier and healthier foot. As far as the outsoles are concerned, many have appreciated its superior traction features where you can easily walk on slippery floors or moss-filled rocks. In general, the Aleader Men’s Water shoes is the preferred water shoes for men with a heavy built.

Merrell Women's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe, Olive Night, 8.5

If you love walking but have this perennial problem of foot sweating, then the Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water shoes is the one for you. This footwear combines the design of a walking shoe and a sandal where its upper material is composed of nubuck leather (similar to the one you see in a walking shoes) and a stretchy neoprene rubber at the side which is the same material as those of a wetsuit. It has shoe laces. Yes, this elastic cord system can be toggled for a good support of your foot.

The heels of the Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water shoes are made from elastic neoprene which adds more comfort and support. Many have appreciated this soft and comfort feel especially those who have soft and sensitive foot skin. For those who have ultra sensitive skin, what they do is they wear it together with a pair of socks where they can able to walk for hours without suffering blisters and other foot-related wounds. In case you need to traverse in narrow edges with unseen bumps, then do not worry walking on this of terrain as this footwear has a no-scuff toecap which prevents your toes from accidental bumping on hard objects. This footwear is also ideal for walking along sandy beach as sand can easily exit from the footwear courtesy from its open heel design and the thick sole can even withstand sharp objects.

Speedo Men's Seaside LACE 4.0-M Water Shoe, Black, 13

This best-seller is considered as one of the efficiently designed water shoes available in the market. With regards to its material, it is composed of a hydrophobic material where it easily dries up when compared to other models and brands of water shoes. Due to the tight fit of some water shoes, wearing it on dry land may sometimes pose some difficulty in wearing the footwear, but with the Speedo Men’s Water Shoes, all you need to do is slip on your foot and pull the tabs where your foot can easily slide in.

Once your feet is inside the footwear, you will realize that the feeling is just wearing a your regular sports rubber shoes, but in a comfortable way especially when it gets wet. Instead of getting heavy, this footwear is so light to move even in underwater. This is due to its mesh-inspired material where water, sand and rubble will not stuck inside the footwear. Its thick yet light-weighted sole offers maximum traction on slippery surfaces where the recorded incidence of slipping while using this footwear is close to none. Just in case you need to tighten the footwear, all you need to do is tighten the shoe laces. But these are not your ordinary shoe laces where you need to tie it using a loop knot. Made of elastic bungee cord, the tightening of the shoe laces simply requires you to pull the bungee lace and secure it with its plastic stopper.

MOHEM Mens Womens Casual Mesh Water Shoes(WS3166BK48)

If we speak of casual shoes, what comes to our mind is a pair of semi-formal footwear and that most of the water shoes we see on sale tend to look on the sporty side. But what if we tell that there is a water shoe that is both sporty and casual at the same time. Presenting to you the Mohem Men’s Poseidon Casual Water Shoes.

At a first glance, you will really think that this is a casual shoes as it looks like it is made of leather and that it closely resembles those of the trendy fashion footwear. But if you try to have a close look, you will realize that this is really a water shoes. It is made of premium fresh leather that has a breathable characteristic. It has a slip resistant rubber sole that ensures 100% grip on the ground you are stepping on. The covering fabric is made out of lycra that is weaved to look like a net cloth closely resembling like a stylish holed leather. This water shoes has a pair of shoelaces where it is considered one of the few models in the market that it is being tied and used just like any footwear.

What is good with the Mohem Men’s Poseidon Casual Water Shoes is that it is 100% handmade. Many have considered this not just a personal choice for themselves, but also a perfect gift item for our male partner, buddy, friends and family.

Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe, Khaki, 13 M US

If there is one water shoes that has the closest resemblance to your regular shoes, then nothing beats the Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoes. Initially aimed to become the best hiking shoes in the world, this ultra lightweight footwear has been upgraded to be used in almost all terrain you want to explore: wet, dry, rugged and slippery.

Based on reviews, many of its users have appreciated its ultra lightweight feel where this footwear only weighs 2 pounds and slightly gets heavier when wet. This footwear when worn, gives you a glove like feel and fit with bellow tongues to keep the debris and other foreign matter out. Its sole has a good traction where some have find it very effective especially when walking in slippery, muddy and other soaking wet environments. It is moulded with a TPU rubber that increases your walking performance and further adds to your stability on the ground. It is also one of the quick drying water shoes available where some have claimed that the footwear is completely dried within the day, regardless if it has been soaked all day.

Difference with the Merrell Blaze Aero Sport and the Merrell Blaze Sieve Water Shoes: Aside from certain fabric modification, the only difference between the two footwear is that the former has an open heel while this particular footwear is totally closed and has no special arch support.

adidas outdoor Climacool Boat Lace Shoe - Men's Black/Chalk White/Black, 9.0

Manufactured by one of the world’s popular shoe maker, the Adidas Climacool Water Shoes is one of fashion trendy water shoes out in the market, yet still featuring its aqua features. It is made from a highly durable synthetic material. It’s nylon fabric is intertwined to form its trademark Climacool open mesh that gives your feet maximum breathability while getting the water and other foreign objects out of the footwear.

Some of its users told us that they would not recommend this shoes for hiking, especially on an uneven terrain. There were some instances that mud and dirt entered the holes from the sole making it uncomfortable during walking and the only way to get rid of the dirt is you need to take off the shoe. Instead, they highly recommend this footwear for snorkelling. Many have shared their experience that once they get out of the water where the footwear if completely soaked, water starts to drain out courtesy from holed soles and drain valves on the side.

Many have inquired since the Adidas Climacool Water Shoes has a black colored sole, does it leave markings especially on the deck of the boat? Fortunately, the soles are designed to leave no markings. Regarding the wearing of socks with this footwear, you can wear this footwear with or without socks. However, we caution you when you wear one as most socks are highly absorbent and water will be soaked in the socks making it heavy to walk around.

The only downside we see in the Adidas Climacool Water Shoes is that it does not dry easily and that you need to dry it under the direct heat of the sun. When it comes to drying, some have even asked if they could use commercial dryers in doing so. Yes, you can dry it using dryers, but make sure you clean it first before placing it inside the machine especially if you just came back from a muddy trip.

Vibram Men's V-Aqua Black Walking Shoe, 42 EU/9.0-9.5 M US D EU (42 EU/9.0-9.5...

From a single look at this water shoe, you will easily know that this is the Vibram Men’s Signa Athletic Boating Shoe. This is due to its easy identifiable features where your toes are each enclosed with special fabric. Also called as the Five Fingers, this footwear has a very thin, flexible and deconstructed sole that allows each toe to curl and flex. As an effect to the separated toe features, each user will have a better feeling that they are connected to the ground and the rest of the surrounding environment. In other words, the feeling is just like walking on barefoot.

The thin soles are made from the trademark Vibram “Wave Grip” compound that is slip resistance on wet surfaces. Instead of a rubber material, the soles are embedded on a 3mm polyester scratch resistant mesh with drainage holes on the side. Instead of shoe laces, this footwear has a velcro lock system. Instead of looping the shoelaces, all you need to do to have a secure fit is to fasten the velcro mechanism on the side and you’re ready to go anywhere without the footwear falling off. Since the Vibram Men’s Signa Athletic Boating Shoe is very thin and lightweight, this is one of the very few footwear that you can wash and dry it up using commercial washing and drying machines. But these machines are not available out in the wild, so a simple wash and hang dry would do the trick.

Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

This China made water shoes is not just only cheap but also one of the lightest and quick drying footwear. It has an open mesh on the upper fabric and holes in the sole which gives maximum breathability and dries easily even when not under the direct heat of the sun. Its midsole has a solyte material that is super soft, light, durable with an excellent bounce back characteristics. It is further embedded with a “ComforDry” sockliner which provides maximum cushion which also contributes to an overall cooler, drier and healthier shoe environment.

There are a couple of downsides for this particular footwear. Many have claimed that when they walk along a sandy or rocky shores, sand, pebbles and small rocks may enter the footwear via the holes in the sole. These foreign object are usually trapped inside and the only way to get rid of them is you need to take off the shoe. Another downside for this shoe is the foot sizing using international (metric and SI) measurements. Often, most of its users gets a bigger shoe fit, provided that they have given the right shoe size during pre-order. For this reason, please be guided to the following sizes of this footwear: US 7 = 40 EU; US 8 = 41 EU; US 8.5 = 42 EU; US 9.5 = 43 EU; US 10 = 44 EU; US 10.5 = 45 EU; US 11 = 46 EU; US 12 = 47 EU.  
ALEADER Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes Blue 10 D(M) US

Considered by many as an amphibious shoes, the Aleader Men’s Water Shoes is engineered with lightweight breathable material and using hydrophobic fabric that is set along to form a mesh. This hydrophobic materials does not absorb water and other liquid substances which means that it will immediately start to dry once taken out during soaking. It is supported using a lateral support stitch system making sure your feet stays in place inside the footwear regardless if you are walking on land or swimming out at the sea.

The open mesh covering of the Aleader Men’s Water Shoes allows both air and water to freely flow creating a high breathable environment for your feet and facilitates quick drying. The rubber soles are holed and has a solyte midsole which gives you a lightweight feel and an excellent bounce-back during walking. Water drains are found on the side which complements the sole for its anti-slippery properties.

One good thing about this particular footwear is that the insole stays even after several days of use. Some have claimed that there are water shoes that the insoles are separated from the footwear once soaked in the water, while this one does not. The only downside that we see in the Aleader Men’s Water Shoes has something to do with the shoelaces. While you can find one at the center, please take that it does not really serve to secure and tighten your feet, but it is rather there as a decorative figure.

Speedo Men's Surfwalker Pro 3.0 Water Shoes, Black, 11

Imagine a water shoes that looks like a reef boots with a thick sole. This is the description that fits the Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoes. This footwear will give you total foot protection the moment you leave the premises of your house until you reach the tidal flats where your aquatic adventures begin.

The Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoes features a stretchy pull-on upper fabric with mesh insets that gives you a quick-dry breathability and a secure fit. The internal components of this footwear is composed of a cushioned insole that provides great impact protection while the external components uses the trademark Speedo’s new S-TRAC TPR outsole that streams water away from the shoe. In short, all these features enhance surface contact, which in turn, gives you better traction and slip resistance.

As to the right shoe fit, there are many suggestions telling us that the material of this footwear will shrink over time. And with this, users have often pre-order a larger size to address to future size problem. However, in reality, once they get their pair of Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoes, they often cannot wear since its too big for their feet. Now, we highly suggest that you pre-order using the right size and that if shrinkage will occur after use, it will be just a matter of a few centimeters.

Dreamcity Men's Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

Made up of 90% fabric and 10% sole, the Dreamcity Men’s Water Shoes is one of the best-selling aqua shoes available in the market. This footwear has a breathable and durable air mesh fabric both on the top and the sides which allows you feet to breath especially on walking on a hot sunny day along the beach. A solyte midsole is embedded in the footwear that gives you a lightweight feel and an bounce back where you cannot feel pressure on your ankles. The soles are made up of of a water grip rubber which many have claimed to have an excellent traction on slippery grounds and surfaces. Its sockliners are provided with a ComforDry material which add to the cushioning characteristics of this footwear.

Together with other water shoes, the only problem we see in the Dreamcity Men’s Water Shoes is that mud, sand and small pebbles are easily trapped in the holes of the sole. Especially for mud, you need to rinse it immediately after use, otherwise it harden and difficult to remove and may interfere with the water drain capabilities of this footwear.

One good characteristic of this footwear is that the insoles are securely glued and stitched on the side. This will guarantee you that it will not fall off during walking where it has been noted in other brands and models of water shoes. This simply means that your foot and the water shoes goes together no matter what happens.

Speedo Mens Hybrid Watercross Water Shoe, Navy/White (9)

As the name implies, the Speedo Men’s Hybrid Watercross Water Shoes is considered a “hybrid shoes” that can be worn both on land and in water. The fabric of this footwear is soft, comfortable and lightweight where it only weighs 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms). It is dotted with drainage holes around which creates the so called 360-degree drainage making this footwear quick drying.

Justifying its hybrid claim, the Speedo Men’s Hybrid Watercross Water Shoes is the preferred footwear of those who are in to cross transition workouts where you don’t need to worry where you working-out playground will be: may it be on land or in the water. Nonetheless, regardless of where it is, your feet is guaranteed full protection.

Why do you need water shoes?

First and foremost, it is for protection. For something so simple, these shoes can make getting into the water or moving around to find better locations for snorkeling much more accessible. Your basic water shoes is not normally work during snorkeling but there are a few options in which we will talk about that are dual purpose and won't give you blisters from the strap on your water shoes.

The soul of the shoe mostly consists of a rigged rubber that will give you support for your ankles, knees, hips and back but also from the ground you are walking on. The liner around the shoe will either be mesh or neoprene or sometimes both depending on the shoe which will give you an added protection if there are sticks or prickly bushes where you are walking to protect the whole foot.

Each shoe will have specific grooves and indentations on the soul of the foot that will offer better grip on different surfaces. Check out the customer reviews first before buying to see if you are getting what you need.

Water boots versus shoes versus boots

There is a lot of debate on why water shoes are not the same as snorkeling boots and there is a very easy explanation. Besides the fact that snorkeling boots are usually thicker fabric, more expensive and warmer when you go to deeper depths of the water, water shoes don't provide the basic coverage where the snorkeling fins will chafe. Water shoes are usually more flexible and light weight for walking over rough surfaces but have a stronger soul in the foot to protect from environmental factors.

Snorkeling boots are meant to be worn with an open heeled fin. They come in a variety of thicknesses for thermal regulation and extends up on the ankle past your ankle bone to protect from the strap and keep the lower leg warmer, especially if you are wearing a full wetsuit.

Water socks are the newer on the market and have been greatly improved upon compared to your every day sock that people used to wear to reduce chaffing. There are a few places that the foot can chafe being if your foot is wide there is a bone on the lateral side (outside) of your foot that can rub against the inside of the snorkel fin. Also the top of your foot as it moves in the fin and your heel. This can all lead to some very uncomfortable blisters which may prohibit you from wearing fins on the rest of your vacation making your snorkeling very slow and tiring without the fins. Socks can also be a preventative to an allergic reaction from certain kinds of rubbers that the fins are made out of. Also with longer socks, while you are snorkeling they can provide you with protection in the water from jelly fish stings or smaller particles floating in the water that may be dangerous.

Most socks are made up of Lycra and neoprene so they are stretchy and comfortable that will withstand the hot sand. The Seasnug Sport sock is one of my favorites because it has an adjustable ankle cuff that is quality built and range from XS to XXXL that will fit on any foot. They are easy and light weight for traveling so when I go snorkeling and I don't have my own gear I know I don't get blisters because the sock protects me from chaffing on my fins. And if you are one of those people who's feet get cold this adds and extra layer of warmth while you enjoy your snorkeling trip.

If we speak of men’s shoes, what always comes to our mind is that it is associated with sports (like basketball, tennis and football) or a pair of footwear that we use everyday, may it be on work or just strolling around the park. In other words, shoes are used for walking on dry land and we tend to take them off if we want to walk and soak our feet on water. But what if we tell you that there are shoes that is specifically designed for water use. The concept behind this is that you should wear the appropriate footwear for a specific sport or activity as this will give you maximum performance while providing safety and foot protection. Otherwise, you will expose your lower extremities to cuts, wounds and bruises to mention the least consequence. Further, can you imagine yourself wearing a high-end basketball shoes while swimming or snorkeling?

Also known as aqua shoes, water shoes are footwear that is designed for prolonged and frequent use in wet environments. They are often built using lightweight and a highly flexible material that is fitted with rugged outsoles. It’s overall design focuses in addressing both foot protection, comfort and maximum traction as most wet environments are slippery.

Similar with other types of shoes, water shoes covers your entire foot. Instead of hiding our toes where some have ginger-like appearance, the covering of water shoes has a different purpose, aside from fashion, as it primarily protects our lower extremities against hard and sharp objects such as rocks, wood and shells. Some may feature toe shields which is very significant in preventing stubbed toes.

Talking about traction, water shoes are relatively efficient against slippery environments like algae-laden rocks, mud-filled cement or at the surfaces of your boat. It pretty much act as similar to the traction of a rubber shoes on a basketball court as indicated by a squeaking sound. On a side note, some have claimed that certain footwears like flip flops offer the same traction effectiveness as what water shoes do. While they may be right, you have to remember that water shoes offer further protection and support of the ankle portion. With regards to foot protection against the elements, water shoes offer full protection regardless if the environment you are exposed to is cold or warm. In case your feet is exposed to cold water, the fabric of the water shoes will trap the heat emitted from your lower extremity thereby preventing body heat loss. On the other hand, water shoes will act as a shield on a sunny hot day as your feet is protected from direct contact with the sun’s deadly ultraviolet rays.

If there is one thing that really stands out with water shoes when compared to your regular pair of shoes, then you should be convinced about the quick drying and non-fouling characteristics. Can you remember the last time you soak your rubber shoes in water that it took days to dry and can’t get rid of that fouling odor? Water shoes dry easily, either using direct sunlight or air dry and as the time to dry the footwear is reduced to a minimum, the build-up of fouling organisms inside the water shoes is also significantly reduced.

How should water shoes fit?

What good does a $200 water shoes when it is too big or too small for you?

But having the right fit can be quite tricky. Allow us to simulate that you are in a dive shop or any shoe center while fitting a pair of water shoes. Initially, the footwear may fit snugly having just enough space where your toes are at ease and not bent. But as you go along and use it on water, you will observe that it becomes too loose that sometimes it is taken off your foot without a reason. With this, you have to take note that the fabric of most water shoes are highly flexible and they stretch out a little bit over time. So make sure to have the best fit that you only allow a small inch for expansion when the material is stretched out. On the other hand, don’t overestimate that what you choose is too tight that your toes are bent and tucked in where the possible of a muscle cramp can highly occur.

Thick or Thin Soles?

Having the right soles plays an important part, not in just having the proper fit, but in the general efficiency of how you walk. The sole must fit your body’s weight. This means that a physically fit person would prefer to choose thin soles whiles heavy weights may consider thick soles as this can further act as a cushion to counteract the pressure build-up in the lower extremities, especially if we talk about walking long distances. The type of sole should also be based on the type of terrain and topography you will be exposed to. There’s no point in wearing a thin-soled water shoes if the prevailing surrounding is dominated by sharp protruding rocks. Further, there’s no point in wearing a thick-soled water shoes if you perceive your trip as walking along a mud trail.  

Low or Mid Cut?

If you try to look at water shoes available in the market, you will see that they are either offered as having a low cut or medium cut shoes. Many have disregard this difference in feature and rather focus their attention to which is more fashionable, or perhaps, which is cheaper. Take note that medium cut water shoes provides ankle protection especially when walking. However, it may become bulky when you just use it like a reef boots with the fins, swim and go snorkeling or diving.    

At the end of the day, we would like to reiterate that the best water shoes for you has nothing to do with the brand, model or price. What is important is the Comfort and Fit factor which will give comfort while doing walking mileage and enjoying your favourite aquasports without suffering any foot related wounds and injuries.

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