Zionor Snorkel T1 (Swimming) T2 (Snorkeling, Diving) Review

ZIONOR T1 Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable...

Finding the right snorkel can be a hassle. There are so many different ones on the market, promising fancy extra features for a hefty price tag. Yet so often these snorkels are a let down, giving you no more than a cheaper option would, and failing you in the middle of a swim or dive. Then there are the cheap plastic designs that won’t make it through a dive.

Zionor Snorkels are meant to fill the gap between more expensive and cheaper options. Zionor claims that their snorkels offer high-end function and performance, all for a reasonable price. And that’s exactly what you’ll get.

There are two types of Zionor Snorkel available: the T1 snorkel and the T2 snorkel.

The T1 features an open tube design, meant for lap swimming, triathlons, and training - and qualifies as a great swimming snorkel.

The T2 is meant for diving and snorkeling, with a purge valve at the end of the tube that helps you clear out water after going underwater, and keeps water from entering the tube as you move around above the surface.

Zionor T1 Lap Swimming Snorkel Review

ZIONOR T1 Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable...

Performance of Zionor T1 Snorkel

The fit of the snorkel is excellent, accommodating different head sizes easily. Since these snorkels are meant to be used without goggles, they fit fit directly onto your head with a head bracket. This fits comfortably, a welcome surprise and something that separates it from many other snorkels. It also stays in place as you swim, no matter how fast or you are moving.

The silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and accommodates different mouth sizes. Smaller mouths may need a period of break in.

These snorkels are designed to maximize airflow when you’re in the pool or open water. To do this, they have a wide, open tube that allows you to breathe deeply during your swim. Testing in a variety of conditions, such as pools and lakes, found that the snorkel was excellent for breathing while swimming. Not having to turn your head will help you focus on just your stroke, and can save your neck a lot of strain over lengthy training swims  (see our recent article about waterproof fitness trackers here).  . 

ZIONOR T1 Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable...

The performance on the snorkel was excellent in all testing. The one downside to the T1 is that the same design feature that allows air to freely enter the tube can also allow in water. If you are using this snorkel in open water with waves, water may find its way down the tube every now and again. If you’re not careful, this can get through into the mouthpiece, and cause breathing difficulties that will interrupt your swim.

The purge valve at the bottom of the tube can handle most of this water than comes in, but it can still be an annoyance during your swim.

Overall, the T1 performed just as promised, improving swim speed and ease of breathing. The fit is comfortable, and the snorkel held up over repeated use.

Zionor T2 Dive Snorkel Review

ZIONOR T2 Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable...

Performance of Zionor T2 Snorkel

This snorkel is meant for more traditional use, such as diving and snorkeling.

It clips on easily to most pairs of goggles, meaning you won’t be struggling last minute on the beach to get it to work. The flexible tube allows for you to move it comfortably to find the right position. The silicone mouthpiece is comfortable, although if you have a small mouth it may cause some mild discomfort at first. These issues, however, seemed to go away with repeated use.

In the water, the snorkel performed excellently. The dry top of the tube kept our water even during the choppiest of days. That means you’ll be free to focus on snorkelling and swimming, rather than worrying about water getting in your tube.

Most of the stray water that does make its way into the tube exits through the purge valve, meaning you won’t get an unexpected mouthful of seawater that will disrupt your dive.

Underwater, the snorkel also performed well. The top keeps water from flowing in freely, and the water that does enter the tube is easily blown out through the purge valve.

Just like the T1, the T2 performs as advertised. Water was kept out, and breathing was easy and airflow excellent. Underwater, the snorkel does a good job of controlling water flow, and the purge valve does exactly what it is supposed to. The flexible tube and comfortable mouthpiece keep you from having to struggle with your snorkel, and you might even not notice it’s there during a long dive.

ZIONOR T2 Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable...


Both versions of the Zionor snorkel retail at a competitive price. This includes the tube, mouthpiece, and purge valve. In the case of the T1, this also included the head bracket. This makes it one of the more affordable performance snorkel options on the market.

How It Compares

Both compared to other swim snorkels, and compared to diving snorkels, Zionor is one of the best options out there. It offers excellent performance in a variety of conditions, giving you great airflow. It also has a comfortable mouthpiece that you won’t mind on long swims and dives.

There are better snorkels out there, but not better by much, and they will cost you a significant amount more than what you’ll pay for the Zionor. For the price, these are some of the better snorkels options for most swimmers and divers, offering you most of the features you would find with more expensive options.

They also have great durability, with performance that holds up with repeated use. This separates them from other snorkels in a similar price range.


Whether you are a swimmer looking for an extra boost during training, or a diver looking for a mask that will give you reliable performance, the Zionor snorkels are great options. They are affordable without sacrificing features you’ll need out on the water. These snorkels won’t hold you back, whether you’re swimming or diving, leaving you free to focus on enjoying the water.

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