Suunto Dive Computer Reviews

Suunto Dive computer reviews

Since 1936 Suunto has been around making compasses, navigation systems, watches and so much more to get an edge on the competition. Created in Finland Tuomas Vohlonen created the mass production of liquid filled compasses and progressed from there. Suunto actually means “direction”. After years and years of developing and perfecting their technology they have designed a great line of Dive Computers including the Zoop Dive Computer, Suunto D4i and Suunto D4i Novo. They start off very affordable with all of the functions and features you need as a recreational diver and commercial and then they go up in price (as this sophisticated and popular wrist dive computer) and have all of the bells and whistles for the advanced with log books and everything you will ever need.

Suunto Zoop Dive Computer

The Suunto Zoop Dive Computer is the perfect entry level dive computer or someone who is getting more involved or wants more functions in their dive computer. The greatest point of this dive computer is the price point. It really cannot be beat for what you are paying for the functions and features.

It is so easy to use and get started anyone can use it, which is why it is one of my favorite pieces. The 3 button computer makes it easy to navigate, change positions and scroll through your dives with ease. It is easy to see in or out of the water with a phosphorescence back light.

The elastomer strap will fit almost anyone and forsure with a wetsuit or not it is comfortable for anyone. The case and bezel are comprised of composite and the glass is acrylic so it is quite durable although I do not recommend intentionally testing that feature out for yourself.

It is water resistant up to 100 meters and don’t ever worry about filling up your dive book because it has a lifetime storage for memory so that is a huge plus.

The gas max Po2 ranges from 1.2 to 1.6 and it offers a 1 gas options of O2 ranging 21% to 50% so for the recreational diver it is no problem. Not that it should matter but depending on where you are diving the temperature ranges from +32 degree F to +104 degrees F and if you are outside of those parameters you are doing something a little more specialized anyways.

It offers dive alarms and notifications including dive time, bottom depth, too fast ascent and much more.

This watch really is fantastic for it’s price point and is a must!

Suunto D4I

Looking for something a little more technical, this is the watch. When you jump price points from an entry level to a mid range you do get more for your dollar. The Suunto D4I has lots of functions from a full continuous decompression algorithm, 4 modes while diving or free diving, optional wireless air integration, built in dive planner and much more.

As most Suunto watches are durable the bezel is comprised of stainless steel, the glass is a mineral crystal and the case is composite. The nice feature is the strap is elastomer so it is durable and will fit most wrists with or without wetsuits.

The easy to read functions on the watch show you all the specs you will need when you are diving and the electro-luminescence backlight make it even easier to read in day or night and in sunshine or under water.

It is water resistant up to 100 m and has the same gas max Po2 ranges from 1.2 to 1.6 and it offers a 1 gas options of O2 ranging 21% to 50% as the Zoop.

The biggest difference is once you go from your entry level watch with one setting and jump to the next level then you get 4 different settings with functions and features including:

  • Air
  • Nitrox
  • Free
  • Off

You get all of the alarms and a few other options including Decompression Ceiling Violation and Deepstop violation.

When you get into your freediving mode you have an apnea timer (O2/CO2 Tables), freedive number and a lifetime total history with depth notification and surface time.

Of course you get all of your regular watch time functions and features with date.

When you make that jump to the next level for dive watches you do get quite a lot more especially if you are doing those extra features or think you may get into diving more it is always great to have.

Suunto D4i Novo

With the Suunto D4i Novo it is one step up from the D4i and costs a little more and you get a few more functions and features.  It is quite simple and easy and I will list them out for you.

  • Weight - .25 oz.  When you think about it, not that much of a difference because when you think of how much weight you already have on .25 heavier is not that much.
  • Silicone Wrist band - On the D4i it is a elastomer and on the Novo it is Silicone.  It does feel a little more comfortable but everyone has their own opinion and for the extra money... I will leave that up to you
  • Appearance - They look pretty similar except the screen is a little different and the plastic buttons have improved to the metal buttons on the Novo.
  • Color - Lots of colors to choose from!

So as you can see there are not to many differences, you get the same functions and features except if you want a different band and some cool colors this is the watch for you!

Suunto D6i Novo Dive Computer

The D6i comes in a few varying options including the Novo Stealth, Novo Black Zulu, Novo Stealth Zulu, Novo Instructor Blue Zulu and Novo Stone. All that means is the color and set up but the general features are the same with minor details. These watches are the Cadillac of watches, you surpass your entry level Kia and Toyota and are going right to the good stuff. Of course you get what you pay for and for a few extra dollars you get all the functions of the other watches but so much more.

The best part of the upgrade to the better watch is the integrated tilt compensated 3D digital compass. The needle is a compass rose and you get a 5 degree variance which is quite small considering it is a watch and you can be up to 150 meters in depth with this water resistant watch. Not only that, your resolution is 1 degree making it flawless.

You get 5 modes:

  • Air
  • Nitrox
  • Gauge
  • Free
  • Off

Having the extra Gauge Mode allows for more specifications for your tank inquires including gas time and tank pressure and switch gas.  Having this features add quite a bit more depth to your diving especially as an instructor or commercial diver making it safer.  You also get monitored into three gases with a range of 21% to 99%.

For the extra money you do really get a lot more especially if you are an avid diver and want more control with your dives.  You can still log everything and have the control to do so much more!

Overall Thoughts

Suunto is a great brand and stand behind with their quality.  When you look at the watches you just need to ask yourself what watch you will be using with what features.  Don't look at price to start, think if you will actually use the functions and features and if you will that is your watch.  There is nothing worse than buying something because it was cheaper and then all of a sudden you wished you had a few more functions.  Think about that first and then get your watch. These are all very good watches for what they offer.  You can also click on the links to check out other dive watches, Oceanic Dive Computers, and Shearwater Dive Computer.

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