Best Snorkeling Naples Florida

best snorkeling Naples Florida

If you haven’t noticed there is more snorkeling through the Caribbean than you could ever imagine and especially around Florida and the Key area and in the best snorkeling Naples Florida it keeps getting better from shore snorkeling and everything in between with good drinks and even better food.

Naples Florida is located on the west coast of the peninsula south and is about 160 miles south of Tampa Bay which can equate to around a two and a half hour drive. It is also about 130 miles from Miami and looking around the same driving time. Both drives are beautiful and worth every trip. Once you get to Naples you will be in for a treat. The seven mile stretch of beach is spectacular!

If it is a ugly day you can always go for a drive and check out the city.  It is one of the highest proportion of millionaires per capita in the United States and is one of the most expensive places to live in the States.​


Shore - The best part of Naples Fl, is that you can get to the sandy beautiful beach throw your snorkel mask, snorkel and fins on and jump in the water. Easy and cheap if you have your own gear already. The main park is Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park which has all of the amenities you will need and more to have fun. I recommend heading to parking lots #2 and head towards the “no boats” sign and that is where you will find the reef. At high tide it is about 40-50 yards away from shore and in low tide you are looking between 20 to 30 yards from shore.

Once you are in the water and your fins are on, look down and you are ready to go. With an abundance of hard rock formations that attract lots of marine life it is a sure hit! I will explain what kind of sea life later.

Good news as well, because you are in the Caribbean the water is quite warm and at the surface you are between 80 - 85 fahrenheit during the summer but it can get a little colder in the winter to the mid 60’s so for the summer you are good but even a shorty 3 mm should do for winter months if you are brave enough. Realistically you might want a long wet suit if you get cold easily. From the shore depending on the weather you can get visibility up to 40 feet but in rough waters it can shrink to 10 to 20 feet so check on the weather conditions for the day and enjoy! If it is a little unclear, you can always check out one of the many restaurants around you and enjoy a nice beverage.

Boat Excursions

Of course with almost any where throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico area you will be able to take a boat out whether you snorkeling or diving and having lots of options to see even more marine life. It can be tough to find a place that only offers just snorkeling but a lot of the dive shops will head out with snorkelers if there are other divers heading out as well.  The snorkeling on an excursion here might not be worth your money but there are lots of options for dive shops and it is a great place to do diving.

Captain Joe's Charters

Captain Joe's Charters does offer snorkel only tours that last 3 hours and take up to 6 people but it all depends on availability and the downside is that you will have to go to Sanibel Island ​which is a good hour drive north of Naples.  You can check rates with them as it is seasonal dependent and how busy they are.

Website: http://www.captjoescharters.com/rates.htm​

Here are a list of a few good options for diving and again your best bet is to call and see if they will offer snorkeling tours because you may be able to charter a boat or if there are scuba divers heading out they may take you but just ask if the snorkeling is good first!!!

Scuba outfitters Naples: Click on the website for more details http://scubaoutfittersnaples.com/​

S​cuba Adventures Naples. Click the link for more information: http://www.scubadventureslc.com/

Overall Thought

If you are looking for amazing snorkeling and marine life Naples is not the best place to go however, if this is a stop over to the Florida Keys and down into the Caribbean it is a great place to start.  There is lots to do and see in Naples and if you do have a care, you should head up to Sanibel Island and even if you don't do a  snorkeling excursion​ the drive is beautiful and Sanibel Island is very cool.  You are also only a 5 hour drive down to Key West which is an amazing drive and Naples is a great place to start your journey so make sure you have your snorkel gear and that trip could take weeks in how beautiful it is.

Naples is a very interesting city to say the least.  There is so much money and everything is just bigger there.  Definitely worth checking out if you have time because the 7 mile beach is spectacular and there is descent snorkeling but of course nothing like the Top 10 Snorkeling Destinations in the world but of course when you are in the water and you do not need a wet suit, life is good and you will be enjoying yourself!

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