Where is the best place to go Scuba Diving?

When I found out I got to write about the best places to go scuba diving I could not have been more overjoyed.  My mind went racing about all of the amazing sea life and places I have been.  I started thinking about Indonesia, Australia, French Polynesia, almost all of the Caribbean, Galapagos , more in Asia and Europe.  Then I went through my log books and realized how many other places I have dove and somehow forgot about.  Then I started looking through my to do list (a very long list of dives that through research and talking with amazing people I have met over time doing my dives, who have told me that these are the ones to do) so that list is very long.

Scuba Diving

After a long talk friends, family, acquaintances, other dive instructor/dive master I sent out an email in regards to their top 10 diving spots in the world.  Now what I got back was very interesting.  Some places were so remote that I had never even heard of so I did research and had to think about that on my list and then I went and did a excel sheet trying to figure out if this was even possible to do? Can you really ask the question... Where is the best place to go Scuba Diving?

Then I started to consider dive conditions, time of year, maybe you were just unlucky where you were at that specific dive.  I have had friends who have told me that certain places were the best and I had to go but when I went, unlucky conditions and vice versa.  You know how it goes?  I was just in French Polynesia and got very lucky to see a 6 meter manta ray and then on the next dive I was surrounded by lemon sharks.  The dive master told me he has never seen so much sea life ever in that area.  The luck of the draw I guess.... my luck to!

After months of excel and see what other peoples top 10 etc lists were I realized that you cannot just have a best dive spot in the world.  I mean you can but then I would start a whole can of worms and I don't think that it would be helpful for people who are trying to get new dive spots and vacations out of the article.  So what I have decided to do is write out the Top 5 places to go scuba diving in to particular order!  Just 10 of the best diving spots in the world!

Best places to go Scuba Diving

French Polynesia

There is definitely something magical about this place I have to say.  I will get to the diving in a second but the people, the food, there is nothing short of extraordinary here!  You will be in for the trip of your life.  There are 118 islands over 1200 square miles and more reefs than you could ever imagine.  I know it is supposed to be a single best dive but I will incorporate a couple because if you are going there you will most likely go to a few dive locations and it will be well worth it! 

Lets start with Bora Bora.  About a 45 min flight from Tahiti and you will be surrounded by over water bungalows and sailboats.  The dive crew will pick you up from where ever you are and get ready!  There are 919 different species of fish throughout French Polynesia... I will let that sink in just a little bit for you.  In all of the lagoons you will so such a variety of marine life.  You can Dive with reef sharks and sting rays, head down and see a 6 meter long Manta Ray and then go off and see lemon sharks.  Now you may not see up to 919 fish but you will see a lot in Bora Bora.  Just make sure you are wearing reef safe sunscreen to keep the French Polynesia Beautiful!

Moorea is also another great island to dive from where you get a chance to see humpback whales!  These whales are bigger than the eye can see and you can't even capture the whole whale in a photo because you can get so close and feel so safe!  You will be able to see them from mid July to late October.  

Galapagos Islands 

Well of course Darwin's survival of the fittest theory will prevail on our top list and spectacular, mind blowing and breath taking are 3 phrases that honestly don't even do this place justice.  Around 650 miles off the coast of Ecuador you will find this amazing place.  With over 20% of the species here you cannot find anywhere else in the world! 

El Arco located off of Darwin Island is where you will see the big ones,  Hammerhead sharks!  So if you are up for seeing something spectacular this is the place.  You can see whale sharks and even eagles rays.

Also another couple great dives as you are probably only going to go once you have to check out Roca Redonda off of Isabela Island and Cape Douglas off of Fernandina Island. 

As you can see it is not just about 1 great dive but it is about a few great dives in a few remarkable places.  If you are going there, I would recommend dedicating  your time to diving!  

Bali, Indonesia - Liberty Wreck

This wreck dive is accessible from shore and has been my favorite I must say.  With tons of marine life and swimming through the wreck it is definitely once that has always stuck with me.  From about 10 down past 110 feet you can check out the ship and all it has to offer.  When I went in the winter (January) the water was clear and warm which was much nicer than the cold back home!

The USAT Liberty was sunk during WWII and in 1963 an eruption broke out from Mount Agung and pushed the ship another 110 feet off the shore.  It is amazing and spectacular and very cool going into the ship!

Big Island Hawaii - Mantas 

We need to include a night dive in this article and not only is Hawaii one of my most favorite places to visit the Big Island night Dive to see the Kona Mantas is once in a lifetime.  Off of Keahole point, you will shine your light up from the bottom to attract plankton and out of nowhere the wonderful Mantas will flow from the abyss.  There has been sightings of wingspans of 16 feet!  You will see between 10-16 some nights.

Of course there is much sea life and great diving during the day as well.  I have been to almost all of the island in Hawaii and I really have never had a bad dive.  You always see something you didn't before and make it an unforgettable dive!

Red Sea - Egypt

Ras Mohammed is like the X-files underwater (if you are not sure what X-files are, it is a TV show about extraterrestrial life and different planets and this is kind of what it would look like).  At the tip of the Sinai peninsula (dividing Africa and Asia) you will see the most amazing coral reefs in the world.  The abundance of fish and coral from big to small and darker colors to light up the night is amazing.  It really makes you love and appreciate everything the ocean has to offer. 

I have heard of this but have not yet dove it and I was not even going to put it on my list but I had at least a dozen people who are instructors, dive masters and enthusiasts and they all said it has to go on so it made the list!

Overall thoughts

So of course I may have left off a couple of dives that could have or should be on the list but these were the ones from myself and fellow peers all agreed upon.  The ocean is such a wonderful place and has so much to offer.  Never underestimate it and enjoy all it has to give.  Never stop diving and learning!

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