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There has been a lot of interest in the best men's water shoes. This seems like an easy topic but when it comes to water shoes for swimming versus snorkeling and water boots versus shoes versus socks, this topic can get quite interesting. It used to be as easy as putting a snorkel, mask and fins on and away you go but now there are so many other options and it is tough to decide which is the best or even cheap. There are so many brands such as Speedo, Cressi, to name just a couple. Which brands are the most durable and comfortable.

Men's water shoes are different from your regular sneaker or dress shoes because they are light weight, water resistant and are meant for being in and around the water without water logging and breaking like a regular shoe would.

They dry faster than regular shoes which make them ideal when you are near a body of water that may be sandy (especially hot sand, so you don't burn your feet), rocky or even slippery and protect your feet from these environmental factors. These shoes aren't meant to be put in open heeled fins but if that is your only option it will work.

What we would like to do through this article is show you some of the best men's water shoes so you have an idea of what might interest you before buying them. They come in so many different stylish colours, designs, and layouts of the water shoes. We will rate some of the best water shoes for swimming, neoprene water shoes, most durable and easiest cheapest way to not wreck your feet.

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Very well rated. Great value for you money. Made of synthetic material and true to sizing on chart. Lots of colors and sizes to choose from.


Great value for your dollar. If you need something quick and easy that will work. Get these shoes. The come in a variety of colors and sizes. Easy tighten clasp around heel. 


Very durable and comfortable. One of my favorites for snorkeling with open heeled snorkel fins.  Great on hard or soft surfaces from sandy beaches to hiking.  You get what you pay for with a little more money.


Mesh water shoes with bungee lacing.  Fast drying with thermoplastic rubber sole for protection.  Great for other activities besides water sports such as hiking, tennis and other activities in the sun.


​Very soft and comfortable.  The speed laces make it easy to get on and off especially on a rocky boat.  Navigating through rocky areas or hard packed coral make it more manageable with these shoes.  The extra money will go the distance with these snorkel water shoes.  Not as good for open heeled fins because of the laces though. 


The perfect water shoe for open and closed heeled fins.  Protects against blisters and rashes.  Made of polyester and spandex for maximal comfort and protects against the burning sand getting into the water.  Great bang for your buck.  Available in all of those colors.


The synthetic breathable mesh panels allows for quick drying and durability to last.  The form fitting toes make it feel like you are wearing nothing at all.  They fit perfectly into your open heeled snorkel fins.  The neoprene seal around the ankle makes it tough for sand and rocks to get into your shoes.  A good option instead of your regular snorkel shoes.


Small, light weight and perfect for travel.  They feel great in closed or open heeled fins.  They will fit anywhere and you won't even know.  Great price point and durable.  If you are looking for something quick and easy that won't give you blisters... check these out.


A little more than your average water shoe but this open mesh water shoe doesn't disappoint and don't worry this is not the only color.  With the durability to even run, play tennis and the Columbia brand you know you have a solid shoe.  Great for to and from the ocean and make sure your fin is at least one size bigger if you are going to use these snorkeling.  A great investment.   


This open faced sport sandal with speed race straps make beach going easy.  Fully waterproof and still with air to your foot for fast drying.  Lots of colors. Great grip.  You get what you pay for with this product and does not disappoint! 

Why do you need the best water shoes?

First and foremost, it is for protection. For something so simple, these shoes can make getting into the water or moving around to find better locations for snorkeling much more accessible. Your basic water shoes is not normally work during snorkeling but there are a few options in which we will talk about that are dual purpose and won't give you blisters from the strap on your water shoes.

The soul of the shoe mostly consists of a rigged rubber that will give you support for your ankles, knees, hips and back but also from the ground you are walking on. The liner around the shoe will either be mesh or neoprene or sometimes both depending on the shoe which will give you an added protection if there are sticks or prickly bushes where you are walking to protect the whole foot.

Each shoe will have specific grooves and indentations on the soul of the foot that will offer better grip on different surfaces. Check out the customer reviews first before buying to see if you are getting what you need.

Water boots versus shoes versus boots

There is a lot of debate on why water shoes are not the same as snorkeling boots and there is a very easy explanation. Besides the fact that snorkeling boots are usually thicker fabric, more expensive and warmer when you go to deeper depths of the water, water shoes don't provide the basic coverage where the snorkeling fins will chafe. Water shoes are usually more flexible and light weight for walking over rough surfaces but have a stronger soul in the foot to protect from environmental factors.

Snorkeling boots are meant to be worn with an open heeled fin. They come in a variety of thicknesses for thermal regulation and extends up on the ankle past your ankle bone to protect from the strap and keep the lower leg warmer, especially if you are wearing a full wetsuit.

Water socks are the newer on the market and have been greatly improved upon compared to your every day sock that people used to wear to reduce chaffing. There are a few places that the foot can chafe being if your foot is wide there is a bone on the lateral side (outside) of your foot that can rub against the inside of the snorkel fin. Also the top of your foot as it moves in the fin and your heel. This can all lead to some very uncomfortable blisters which may prohibit you from wearing fins on the rest of your vacation making your snorkeling very slow and tiring without the fins. Socks can also be a preventative to an allergic reaction from certain kinds of rubbers that the fins are made out of. Also with longer socks, while you are snorkeling they can provide you with protection in the water from jelly fish stings or smaller particles floating in the water that may be dangerous.

Most socks are made up of Lycra and neoprene so they are stretchy and comfortable that will withstand the hot sand. The Seasnug Sport sock is one of my favorites because it has an adjustable ankle cuff that is quality built and range from XS to XXXL that will fit on any foot. They are easy and light weight for traveling so when I go snorkeling and I don't have my own gear I know I don't get blisters because the sock protects me from chaffing on my fins. And if you are one of those people who's feet get cold this adds and extra layer of warmth while you enjoy your snorkeling trip.

Aleader Men's Mesh Slip On Water Shoes 

Best Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

The Aleader men's Mesh slip on water shoes are breathable, quick drying and ready for a day in and around the water. The Rubber sol provides strong protection from not only the sand but also the dirt, slippery rocks and are even good for hiking. Without pesky shoelaces you are able to slide your foot in wet or dry and by using the finger loop you do not have to risk pinching your ringer between the shoe and the back of the heel. Your able to move freely in the water and not have it getting caught on any debris or even coral.

The comfort dry sock liner gives you the most comfort even if you are flat footed or have a bigger arched feet. It gives great bounce back to cushion through each step with the most durability you will find in most shoes. The rubber sole acts as a cushion as well but with still with standing excellent traction on wet ground. With open mesh on the upper foot this allows the shoe to dry quickly and effectively while not holding in that uncomfortable smell that your regular shoe holds that is made of cotton and polyester.

These men's shoes come in a variety of colors and sizes that will leave your feet happy and healthy at the beach.

Speedo Men's Seaside Lace 4.0 Water Shoe

Water shoes

As one normally associates Speedo with water the Seaside Lace 4.0 doesn't disappoint. With its mesh fast drying material and quick adjusting bungee strap these are the fastest water shoes you will own.

The this lightweight water shoe is ideal for pools, beaches, or even in the change rooms when you are not quite sure what is on the ground. The thin synthetic sole doesn't give much arch support but with the sand contouring to your feet, it feels like you are not even wearing water shoes at all. They provide you with adequate protection but if you are going out running or hiking I would switch to your hiking or running shoes.

These water shoes are easily accessible with the bungee strap with toggle closure makes it so you can get your shoes on quick and swiftly when you realize how hot the sand actually is on your way to the water. The mesh top provides a quick drying mechanism with S-trac out sole for water flow dispersion so that water does not pool in the bottom of the shoe. The sole comes in and out so they are easy to clean and dry faster.

They come in black, black/insignia blue, and insignia blue/bone white available in sizes 7-14. For a durable cheap and easy water shoe they are a must for the beach.

Speedo Men's Hydro Comfort 4.0 Water Shoe 4.5 star

Whether you are hiking, tubing, cave touring, and swimming these are the shoes for you. They dry fast and keep their grip when they are wet. The Speedo Men's Hydro Comfort 4.0 are made of a Synthetic quick drying material with a rubber outsole for protection from the natural environment.

They are not just your regular water shoes, they are water shoes and more. They act as a full sneaker. You can play tennis, basketball, and almost any other court sport with almost full support and then when you are done you can run on the scorching sand and jump into the water without hesitation. The bungee laces with toggle closure allow you to tighten and loosen as you need from sport to sport. Tightening them up to play your favorite sport and then loosening them up to relax on your favorite lawn chair.

Being the active individual that you may be, sweat is a big portion of fun and with lots of sweating comes an unkindly smell but not with these water shoes. The breathable design allows for ventilation for your feet and odor.

They come in black/sulphur spring and grey/blue from sizes 8-13. For active individuals who love the water and play these shoes are highly recommended.

Aleader Men's Pull-On Water Shoes

If you need something light, inexpensive, and easy to travel with this is your water shoe. The synthetic shoe is made of rubber and has breathable soft holed mesh that allows for the sun and warmth to get to your feet with your the issue of hurting your feet on the hard surfaces when you walk. The light weight hydrophobic water shoe is easy to travel with as it folds up smaller than socks in your luggage. It's easy to get on and off with a movable tongue at the heel to pull up for easy access.

The out sole cushion is removable for cleaning and if sand or other debris get stuck inside. The rubber knobs on the bottom of the shoe provide fantastic traction in wet and slippery conditions allowing for you to go jumping into waterfalls and hiking up them to get that bird's eye view of the ocean you were looking for.

These stylish water shoes are one of a kind and come in many options for colors such as green, brown, blue, and black/red. Sure to be a hit and the envy of others they come in sizes 7.5-11.

Men's Breathable Mesh WaterProof Walking Water Shoes On Beach 

If you are active and love the water but hate the hassle of taking your shoes on and off before going in the water you need these water shoes. These water shoes aren't like water shoes at all, but they are. The running shoe looking design allows for more active wear than your regular water shoe. The soles of the shoe have fantastic traction, like a running shoe but is excellent for getting wet to. You are able to walk along the beach, trails, or even play sports while being able to get them wet and still dry quickly. The rubber sole provides some arch support so it won't bother your joints in your body.

The quick drying mesh allows for breathable light shoes that don't make your feet sweat or feel uncomfortable. Even for your everyday activity these water shoes will with stand the elements. The tie up laces make it easy to adjust your shoe tightness depending on what activities you are up to and keep them tight for those more vigorous sports.

The possibilities are endless with these shoes from a casual stroll along the beach to volleyball and hiking in the mountains. The best money for your value as they come in grey, brown or black. They come in sizes 6-11 and will have a bit of stretch once you get them wet. Have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

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