Best Full Face Snorkel Mask

What is a full face snorkel mask? For people who have been snorkeling for years this may seem like something out of Star Trek! If you have never snorkeled before this can be a great option to jump in and get going without any learning curve. We will go through the best full face snorkel masks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit everyone's face or close to it at least. Just like with everything they reasonably priced and can get quite expensive and fancy.  But you can get great reasonably priced full face masks that are great for snorkeling in Puerto Rico and anywhere else by the sea.

best full face snorkel mask


To start out it is as easy as putting in on your head and breathe normally, through your nose or your mouth, it does not matter. With a regular snorkel and mask you need to learn how to breathe through your mouth which can be difficult sometimes getting used to a new movement especially when you have had your whole life breathing at will from your nose or mouth. Even being in the water for the first time can be a little trickier. Sometimes you get a little panicked (even though there is nothing to worry about!) because it is something new and exciting. The full face snorkel mask makes life a bit easier.

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Seaview 180 degree GoPro compatible snorkeling mask.  The original makes it easier to breathe comfortably in the water for beginners and experts.  Anti-fog and splash guard so water won't enter your mouth!


Seaview Panoramic 180 degree view.  Without the GoPro attachment is much cheaper and offers the same great feel and quality as the one above.  Great alternative to snorkel and mask!


Easy Snorkel comes in a variety of sizes and colors right for you and your family.  Fits kids comfortably.  Breathe through your mouth or nose and no special training needed.  Get in and go!


Ocean Reef Aria Full face mask has comfortable adjustable straps to fit your face just right.  Different sizes available and anti-fog so you do NOT have to keep cleaning your mask.


Snorkelin Gear Snorkel Mask set.  Great for kids and adults with anti-fog and a waterproof case for your valuables.  A great deal and bargain for an all in one package.  Great Value.


Octobermoon second generation 180 degree full panoramic mask with carrying case so you won't damage the mask.  Different sizes and colors available for everyone.  Easy to adjust and unrestricted views


H20 Ninja is leak proof and anti fog proof.  Reducing fogging by 90% to regular snorkel masks and splash guard prevents excess water in the mask and people using the mask reported a 50% more snorkel time in the water!


Olyspeed Alien innovation snorkel mask for adults and kids with anti leak and anti fog. 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.  Try it out risk free and enjoy the sea!    


Cozia Ocean View full face snorkel set will get you in the water as fast as you can jump off the boat.  Optional GoPro attachment and open heeled fins you will be ready to go enjoy the water!


Dixie Divers has a full set with mesh bag to get you to and from. Open heeled fins and ocean reef mask. Anti fog and anti leak is a great way to breathe through your nose and mouth without the hassle.


Most Full Face Masks have different sizes for small, medium, large and even kids. The seal is going to go around your forehead, cheek bones and under your chin. Facial Hair - If you have a full thick beard, this may be very difficult because you won't get a complete seal due to the straggly nature of having a beard, you may have to trim or shave. There may be some leakage if you have a stubble but still should be fine, its only the big full beards that you will have issues. On the positive side, if you only have a mustache, you are good Tom Selleck in Magnum PI.


180 degree sight

Fogging... One of the most annoying situations when snorkeling or diving is fogging up but good news with the full face they are NOT prone to fogging which is good because it is a full face so it is not as easy to clear up. The specially designed system keeps a constant air flow through the mask preventing them from fogging as much. That being said they do fog occasionally so make sure you take good care of the mask. Before your snorkel use some anti-fog, and I don't recommend toothpaste as depending on the brands they have special teeth cleaning materials and you never know. I have scratched my snorkel mask using toothpaste but that is just my thoughts. Dish washing soap can work quite well too if you are in a pinch and do not have anti-fog or dish soap for whatever reason.

180 Degree Sight:

With most snorkel masks they will come in a single pain of glass for unobstructed views and 2 pains glass for prescription and a wider view. Everyone has their own thoughts on which is better and why but everyone who I talk to has a different opinion and that's exactly what it is. Their own opinion! The full face snorkel mask though, I must say, is flawless for sight. You truly can see everything in this mask with no obstruction.

Negative note:

You cannot use prescription lenses for these. That being said I am sure within time there will be a feature where you can adjust prescription lens in the mask but for now you will have to wear contacts and again I do not recommend you trying to wear your glasses with this product.


The snorkel sits on top of your forehead attached to the mask and when your head is in the water it pokes up top so you can breathe comfortably and easily. On most full face masks they are more visible and sometimes even 4 x more than regular snorkel's when you are snorkeling in the sea. Most of them have a splash guard which stops water from entering your mouthpiece and taking on water while you are snorkeling. It's a small piece of plastic (usually) that flips back and forth so when water goes over your head and around the snorkel it prevents the water from entering. A very simple, easy feature that makes snorkeling even more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about swallowing water and focus on the sea!


All of the straps are going to be adjustable and some come in different motions such as an X shape across the back of your head and some will have 2 straps that go lateral with one coming from the mid line of your head to stay in proper position. Mostly made of a nylon or water proof material so it is very comfortable and easy to use. If you do have a smaller face and need to tighten the straps up most of them will come with additional loops so you don't have the straps floating around in the water distracting you. You can just put the straps through the extra loops and away you go.

Camera Mount:

Just like with most snorkel mask, some will have an additional spot for a camera. Make sure that your camera is compatible with your full face mask. Most GoPro cameras and some other brands similar to GoPro's will work just make sure they do first before you go spend a lot of money on a camera and mask they are not compatible.


Most masks will specify how the sizing chart works depending on the brand and company. I have shown a size chart for Seaview but most full face masks will show exactly what to measure and how. It is very simple and easy to do so not worry that you won't get the right fit.

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