Best Dive Knife

Best Dive Knife

Having a good scuba diving knife is essential for when you are scuba diving or snorkeling whether you are at the Great Barrier Reef or in Cozumel. The reason for having a good knife is to be prepared, you never know when you may get caught up in something, need it for protection or examining some coral (the safe way). However, this article is more than just about the best dive knife, I will go over spearfishing knives, scuba diving knives, deep sea diving knives, saltwater knives, Spyderco dive knife, and Promate blades.

All knives are not the same and cheaper is definitely not better in this situation. If the knife is cheap it can break quite easy and if it is not salt water proof it will rust and it will be pointless to even have the knife and you will be wasting your money. I will also go over cheaper knives that if you need something for a few times or even an extra just in case I will let you know the best one to get. Spyderco Dive Knives are some of the best and Promate Blades are proven to last as I am sure if you are already searching this topic you will have come across these quite frequently.  You will also see Cressi knives and different kinds of tactical and serrated or smooth cut knives.  


Diving Knives are usually comprised of Titanium and Stainless Steel and both have pro’s and con’s especially with price but it also depends on how much your want to spend and how much you are going to use the knife.

Titanium knives are easy to start with because they will have very little if any maintenance because of the strength associated with it. They hold their sharpness a lot longer and with the quality you get a higher price point though.

Stainless Steel are more cost effective and great for a recreational diver because they won’t be exposed to salt water as much making the knife last longer. After each use put an oil based lubricant on it to prevent rusting.

Scuba Diving Knives


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Cressi Lima (2.95" blade) tactical Dive Knife is a total of 6.30" optimal for diving or snorkeling.  Easily attachable to a BCD or gauge hose for easy access.  A cover for protection and 


Snake Eye Tactical Stainless Dive Knife II is a great back up knife.  Cheap and simple coming with straps to attach anywhere on the body.  Can be used as a #1 or #2 knife for that price point!


Promate Titanium Dive Knife (4 3/8" blade) with straps and sheath is great for anywhere on the body with a serrated edge and smooth side no seaweed or lines will get you or your buddy tangled.


Dive Master 2 knife Navy Seals Scuba knives is a great deal.  2 for the price of one.  Great quality with straps, serrated and smooth edge ready to go!


Spyderco Salt rust free serrated edge scuba Knife.  Easy clip on, easy access and great locking mechanism.  Straps sold separately but will get you out of the seaweed or fishing nets! 


Cressi Borg has it all with a strap, cover and smooth, serrated and pointed tip.  You are protected and will be for a long time with the Cressi Dive Knife.


Promate Barracuda Sharp Tip Titanium Diving Knife. Easy strap system to the body, plastic cover for protection and SHARP!  Great value that will last.


Fury Tactical Extreme Dive Knife comes with straps, cover for protection and easy access in the water.  Ready when you are.


Scuba Choice 5' Spearfishing, 2 piece fiberglass pole with 3 prong spears.  Comes with carrying case.  Fish not included!


Cressi Comanche spearfishing gun is accurate with a 4 line release for speed and power.  You will be eating dinner in no time!

Divers Knife

Picking the right Divers knife can be a little tricky at times but as most of my articles state you need to find out what kind of knife is going to work best for you. If you are new to diving and snorkeling I would recommend you do not get a knife or if you do get one with a cover a strap and very easy access like the Snake Eye Tactical Knife because it is inexpensive and if you do need it, it will get you out of a tough situation. The reason I recommend that knife is that it is not too sharp because the last thing you want is cutting yourself when you are under duress.  Click Here for more dangerous hazardous. ***This should not deter you either.  Diving is a great sport that I have done for over 15 years and have never had any issues*** Be smart and always prepared!!

If you are more comfortable in the water and you are an avid diver or snorkeler you are ready for the next step of diving knives. If you are in salt water make sure you have a saltwater protected knife so that it does not rust. Always rinse the knife off when you are finished anyways, just like your gear. For an adjustable strap you can link to your body I would recommend the Cressi Borg. It has a serrated and smooth edge ready for anything the sea can throw at you. For something to attach to your BCD or gauge hose I recommend the Cressi Lima.

Spearfishing Knife

Usually a spearfishing knife is going to have a bit different edge or even whole set up for a knife. On a diving knife you will have a bit wider blade and can be comprised of a smooth and a serrated edge with a sharp or blunt surface. The biggest difference you will find with a spearfishing knife the blade will be a little smaller for specificity and again some will still have a smooth and serrated surface or both edges will be serrated.  Our recommendation for a good Spearfishing Knife is the Mahi Mahi Gr. spearfishing knife.

This knife has a super sharp finisher and is great for a backup or primary knife. It is stainless steel so is still very durable just make sure you oil it down after being in the water for proper maintenance and has a secure lock with a clip so you never have to worry about loosing it under the sea. IT has comfortable rubber straps for your arm or leg for easy access and use.

Spyderco Dive Knife

Spyderco Dive knives are of great quality and design for all needs whether you are in fresh or salt water and on land.

Our recommendation for diving is the Spyderco Pacific Salt Scuba Knife it has an overall length of 8.55” and a blade length of 3.68 and a clasp that can go on the left or right for your comfort. Made of the highest quality materials in H-1 Steel the case is a marine yellow so you will be able to spot it on someone or know exactly where it is on you!

With the solid steel construction on the blade it is rust proof! Give a quick rinse after your dive and you will be good to go and at 3.9 oz you won’t even know it is on you!

This will be one of the best knives you can buy that will last as long as you!

Promate Blade

Promate makes all kinds of diving equipment with the utmost quality and perfection so you have a safe and comfortable dive every time. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and they stand behind all of their products from BCD’s to Dive Knives.

Our recommendation is the Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife with Straps and Sheath. The Titanium blade comes in a sharp or blunt end for your specific needs so it requires little to no maintenance. Having adjustable straps it will fit comfortably and around any arm or leg.

Easy grip rubber molded handle makes is comfortable when you are holding it and easy to use. There is a titanium hammer on the bottom for any other access or underwater adventures you may be up to.

Promate Blade Review

As mentioned above the blades on the Promate are Titanium so they are durable strong and they last… a long time. There are quite a few features about the blade that extends beyond the titanium blade.

Serrated - On the one side of the blade there are serrated edges. The two teeth grooved edge makes it ideal for cutting through seaweed, fishing net and boat lines. On the serrated edge there is also a hooked line groove. If you have something like a small diameter tough rope or strong fishing line, you can use this edge to hook into and pull with force and not be in harm's way.

Blunt or pointed end - At the end of the knife you have the option for having a blunt, flat edge like a screwdriver or a pointed tip. The can be quite handy to have the options depending on what you are doing. Having a blunt end can be quite handy for fixing equipment, prying objects open and tapping against your tank for attention for sound underwater. With the pointed end your options are limitless.

Smooth edge - Options are always better underwater. Having a smooth end on the other makes life easier if the rope or entangled line gets too caught up in the serrated edge you will be home free in no time.

Long lasting - As the blade is titanium it will last a lifetime with little attention and care, not to say you shouldn’t rinse the saltwater out after each dive but if you don’t occasionally you will still have a sharp blade that lasts. Once you get the blade you may have to do a quick sharpen and every couple of years a little fine tuning but a little TLC can go along way with this knife.

Deep Sea Diving and Saltwater Knife

As mentioned when looking for a knife for deep sea diving you want a good saltwater knife. Your best bet will still be Titanium but again with a good stainless steel knife and some TLC after every use you should be fine and not get rust like the picture.

If you are a professional or it is your career to be diving I highly recommend going with a titanium knife. It will cost you a little more short term but will last a very long time. It will have very little upkeep just a quick rinse of fresh water with your dive equipment and away you go. You may have to occasionally oil or sharper depending on how much you are actually using it as well.

If you are a recreational diver stainless steel will work great again just rinse off after each use and apply oil based lubricant.

Both are great options just make sure that they are made of Titanium or stainless steel because a lot of the other products and materials will rust fast and you will be wasting your money.

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